And I’ve Been Told *She’s* The Athletic One

As we were leaving the daycare tonight, my daughter took off at a trot towards the gate that leads out to the sidewalk. It has a slight slope to it and she’s navigated it very well in the past. Obviously, I wouldn’t be here to tell you how she made it just fine once again.

Just before the gate, she stumbled, and in slow motion I watched her and it looked like she caught herself before her head hit the ground. In a flash I scooped her up and turned her to face me only to see a tiny rock sticking out of a wound in her head. It then fell out. And then the blood came. Nope, she hadn’t caught herself afterall.

I whisked her back inside and one of the caregivers saw us, blood running down her face and bringing down the roof with her screams. My son looked on in a daze. Soon, we had her cleaned up and while they tried to put on a really big band-aid, I instead requested one of those tiny button band-aids. I mean, the hole in her head was smaller than a ladybug.

After being offered a couple of gummy bears, she sniffled her way back into my arms and we headed home. This time she didn’t make any attempt to wiggle out of my arms to walk like she normally does.

Once I got home, I took this picture:

Doesn’t look too bad, does it?


But then we went out to enjoy the last night of the carnival at the local mall, where she garnered many curious looks. The wound continued to bleed, just enough to turn the band-aid completely red. Also, I didn’t notice the scratch below her nose or on her lip until her face started to turn red on that side.

Two hours later, we had this:

Ooooh. Not good….

During her bath, I also noticed that it was still bleeding, but I didn’t want to draw attention to the band-aid so we decided to wait until she went to sleep and give some covert first aid. The blood soaked band-aid was pretty stubborn and only took me about four attempts to peel it off because she would stir and whimper and brush my hand away. Once it was off, I could see blood still bubble up. I quickly put a new band-aid on (unfortunately, it’s one of those waterproof ones, which means it’ll take another scrape to her noggin to remove), and tiptoed out of her room.

I’m a bit concerned that it didn’t scab. Too wet? We’ll see how it looks in the a.m. Also concerned that she may very well end up with yet another black eye. Maybe not. That fair skin doesn’t hide a road rash well, does it? Now the trick will be to keep her from seeing her face, and specifically the band-aid since she would just claw at it. That could be tough as she enjoys sitting on the bathroom counter brushing her teeth while I put my make-up on, giggling when I put the eyelash curler to my lashes. Yeah, I giggle too. A frog has better lashes than I do.

And just for shits and giggles, let’s compare to her picture from when she was six months old with her FIRST black eye:

Meh. Since this picture was taken within the first hour after that nasty fall and already the eye is bruising, I think she’ll be just fine this time around.

I hope so.

19 thoughts on “And I’ve Been Told *She’s* The Athletic One”

    1. It did. Finally. It’s been three full days and now it’s just the little hole in her forehead and some scrapes leftover. The bruising is even gone. Those first 24 hours were the worst!

  1. Oh, poor aitch! timmy is also accident prone, and has given himself a bloody nose twice now from face plants, but I think landing on a rock is worse 😦 I hope that hole heals quickly!

  2. Poor accident prone baby girl- she sounds like she could be my child!!! My daughter was/is a klutz- A couple months ago she came home covered in blood with it streaming out her nose… she had run into a pole because she was out playing with friends and wasn’t paying attention. She was more embarrassed than anything- thankfully her nose wasn’t broken!

    Hope the new bandaid helped the matter and baby girl gets to feeling better soon. Poor little dear! Poor mama too- I’m pretty sure these bumps and scrapes are worse for us than for them- in a couple years, she won’t even remember this! But you will!!

  3. Ouch! Poor baby. I would guess she got a bit of a puncture with the rock, and that’s why it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Sometimes butterfly bandages are good for those types.

    Hope she’s all better…

    It makes me cringe just to think about that fall…ugh!

  4. Poor baby girl. Tessa did an ugly face plant on the kitchen floor last week. No rocks but she had 2 fat lips (looked like a duck) and a big purple goose egg on her forehead. I thought her teeth went through her lip initially so I was happy that was all it was. I hate when they fall like that.

  5. Awww, poor cute thing.

    Yesterday my child picked up a big rock, threw it in the air, and it came down right on her head. Later I was like, guess you’re not going to throw rocks anymore, huh? And she’s all, why not?

    I see.

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