Mistaken Identity

I have a handful of email accounts including a gmail that is my real name that I use for professional purposes. It’s funny really how I could luck out in getting it before anyone else considering how many Yo-yo Mamas there are just on Facebook.

In October 2009 I received an email directed to Yo-yo Mama about a work schedule for a very prominent company. The problem was I don’t work for said prominent company. I ignored it. But then I received a couple of emails that were exchanges between the Other Yo-yo Mama and what I’m guessing was an instructor or counselor from a special ed school about the Other Yo-yo Mama’s son, including one in December regarding the child’s ADHD drugs and getting kicked off the school bus.

I knew then it was probably better if I contacted the Other Yo-yo Mama and let her know that I was getting some pretty confidential emails in error, which I did by using her work email that she originally copied to herself the first time. She responded quickly by thanking me and letting me know that the problem was most likely due to the fact that her email was yoyo.mama530@, whereas mine was yoyo.mama@.

Then I started getting emails from a program that reported her son’s school lunch balance. I forwarded these as well to the Other Yo-yo. These became annoyingly frequent so I eventually emailed the administrator of the program. When even this didn’t fix the problem, I set up a filter to block the emails as spam and notified the Other Yo-yo that I was doing so.

I should also mention that among those emails from the school, I received a couple confirming the signing up of accounts from different websites – including passwords and a congratulatory email for adopting a new puppy!

And now that I’ve told you about it, I’m wondering what the original intent of this post was…maybe just take it as a lesson and make sure when you sign up for web service, you double-check your email especially when you use your real name so you don’t end up annoying someone like me who already gets enough spam. Because of several screw ups in emails, I now know the following about the Other Yo-yo:

  • Her full name, including middle initial
  • Her place of employment
  • Her home address
  • Her son’s name
  • Her son’s school
  • Her son’s medication

Pretty crazy, no?