Memory Day

It may sound like I’m bragging, but this past weekend was the best holiday weekend I’ve had in what feels like an eternity. Maybe it’s because Memorial Day’s weekend is renowned for being heralded – in and then quickly out – via typical spring weather: storms and cool weather. Instead, Saturday started off hot and sunny!

Sparring Partner decided that the stick up his butt would be more fun than taking the kids to the water park about an hour’s drive from here. “Opening day and Memorial Weekend?! It’ll be packed!” I wasn’t deterred. Right after lunch, I packed up a few necessities and had everyone change into their swimsuits. I nearly had a change of heart when after I put on my swimsuit I realized it no longer fit. Seriously, folks. The way I’m gaining weight? I probably have a tumor on my pituitary gland and I’ll stop getting fatter after it finally implodes upon itself. The tumor – not my ever increasing wide ass, but it’ll be a close race. Getting old really fucking sucks.

*focus on the fabulous weekend, Yo-yo!*

While the kids and I splashed in the waters of the park (where it was certainly NOT packed), my dear husband sweated his ass off doing some housekeeping around his shop. I think he realized I wasn’t kidding when I said it was starting to look like he needed to put up a chain link fence and to get himself a mean guard dog.

I was dreading Sunday because it was race day for Sparring Partner and Doodicus, which meant me cooped up pretty much for the day doing laundry and cleaning the house and entertaining the girl. Unfortunately for the boys, the storm that came through in the night continued to hang on most of the morning, cancelling the races. We figured it’d be a good movie day, so I took Doodicus to see Shrek. When the movie was over, we exited the theatre and walked out to see clear skies! We started a couple more outdoor projects and enjoyed the weather.

Monday was another day of perfect spring skies. We have some architectural beams on the house that had faded since we built five years ago as we hadn’t stained them initially. Sparring Partner spent most of the morning high up on a ladder staining them. Originally, I had intended to do it (an excuse to get, and stay, out of the house), but I had no idea that my fear of heights had intensified over the years. By early afternoon, we had finished all but one set of beams, and those were over 25 feet in the air and we had no way of reaching them safely. We’ll have to rent a cherry picker to finish the job. Or hire Spider Man.

Sparring Partner took Doodicus to the track so they could practice. After Aitch’s nap, I went to Target and found M&M’s pretzels. After tasting them, I have dispelled the theory there’s a tumor on my gland, and come to the realization I love sweets too much. We met up with the boys at the local dive bar and sat outside drinking lemonade and eating hamburgers with tater tots while the kids played barefoot in the still damp sand of the volley ball court building sand castles.

Not a glamorous life by any means, but a weekend that made me sigh in contentment as I crawled in the sheets of our bed last night. I thought about the women and men who had died in/on order for me and thousands and thousands of others to enjoy weekends such as these.

What did you do this holiday weekend? Was your weather typical or atypical for your locale?