I didn’t want the lawn guys catching me taking pictures of them while they worked so that’s why you might notice the picture was through a window screen. Weird, I know. Actually, this post is just a test to see if it will connect to twitter. Nothing really of interest to say.

This was a couple of weeks ago and the yard looks so different. No awful weeds to look at. The sand blowing in through the tiniest of seams around the windows has been for the most part eliminated.

Good thing the rabbit wasn’t home when his cage got flipped in the wind. That’s that white maze-y looking thing at the bottom – on its top.

I get so envious of others who build around us. They landscape to the teeth, pave their driveways, lay acres of sod before they even move in. We? Well, we wait until we have enough saved up to go to the next step. Someday I’ll have real window coverings on the inside of the house…

10 thoughts on “Verde”

  1. Looks awesome!

    We still have weeds for a front yard. Back yard is not bad, but has a lot of clover.

    We live in the country and have no close neighbors. The only room that has windowcoverings is our Son’s room and that is to try to keep him in bed a little longer than 5:30am when the sun comes up.

  2. We are right there with you – pouring concrete as we can either afford it or trade mechanical work for it, adding a few trees or shrubs a year, etc. Fortunately, we are the only house of the five in our area that has a decent lawn, and that’s only because the builder actually lived in this house for a few years before selling it.

  3. What? Saving for a purchase? That’s not the American way! Lookin good!

    Also…what is this sod? We laid down a bajillion pounds of grass seed and straw. Because that’s much cheaper.

    1. For the two past summers, that’s the way we did the front yard areas. This year I just was fed up with the dust and weeds and the lack of use the backyard was getting. It was worth every penny.

  4. Your neighbors might do it all at once, but I bet you wouldn’t want to trade debt to income ratio with them.

    We are redoing our kitchen right now. In baby steps. Granite counter-tops, sink and lights….that’s it for now. When we save more, we will move on.

    A side benefit to us not going into debt…….our kids are following in our footsteps. They save because they have seen us save. You know what else is great??……. not losing sleep because you don’t know how you will pay the credit card bill.

    BTW…I hope you appreciate your beautiful view šŸ™‚

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