Eastward, Ho!

Last night I booked my hotel for Boston. I was a little freaked out when I looked up the rates of accommodations for the area. You have to understand, around here? $75.00 a night is high class. That includes a hot breakfast, too!

Of course, I had to rationalize the expense by ticking off on my fingers the following:

1) I haven’t been on a real vacation in three years.

2) The vacations we have taken in the past have been for the most part footed by my in-laws – because we had to travel with them.

3) I’m fucking worth it, dammit!

When I start to feel guilty about it, especially since I’m still technically unemployed (going on 18 months – fuck, yea!), I struggle with the decision to travel at all. Not to mention the weekend is our wedding anniversary AND Father’s Day. I refer to Reason #3 frequently to assuage my guilt. It helps a teeny-tiny bit.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a little housekeeping on Twitter. I stopped following a couple dozen users who either hadn’t updated in a months and months or I have never felt inclined to reply to or Retweet and who have obviously felt the same about me. I also then eliminated another couple of dozen from my Followers list for the same reason. Unfortunately, if you have a Twitter account and you were following me but haven’t updated since February 2009, the only way to remove you from my stats was to block you. So if you happen to get back into the Twitter game, let me know so I can take off the block. My stats were looking ridiculously padded by inactive accounts and I’m sick of the numbers game.

I also decided to disconnect Twitter from Facebook. I’ve once again allowed myself a private space with my only edit being characters limitation.

Speaking of Facebook, I set up accounts for both kids. Yes, I know technically that I’m breaking their rules, but I figure if a Lamp, or someone’s dog, or my own personal friend, Egg Donation, can get a FB account, Doodicus and Aitch can too. Yes, Egg is my friend and quite a yokester! Hyukyukyuk.

Sorry, I’m a bit punchdrunk (hahahaha!) from finding out that yet again, my temp employer has fucked me over. And I’m really, really tired.

Back to Boston…this weekend I will sit down and put on my analytical hat and figure out when and where and who and still have time to squeeze in my husband’s aunt, uncle and cousin for supper (since Sparring Partner DEMANDED I call him to see if he had any recommendations for hotels so now I have to fulfill a “familial obligation” with people who aren’t my family). I will also be packing outfits that look put together, but not fussy. I may or may not pack underwear. I will end up forgetting contact solution. I always do.

Which leads to the question and basic attempt at comment-whoring for the day: what do you always make sure to bring with you on vacation? What do you always seem to forget when traveling?

11 thoughts on “Eastward, Ho!”

  1. You not only deserve to go to Boston, you deserve to go feeling guilt-free.

    I always pack four times the clothes I need but always forget at least one toiletry item.

  2. I forget lots of things…in fact, usually to many to list here. BUT, I DO have a travel hint that someone told me that I have used more than once…….

    If you forget your phone charger at home, the front desk at the hotel has dozens of them for every phone imaginable, and will gladly give you one free.

    Apparently many travelers go home leaving their charger behind.

    So, you have that going for you 🙂

  3. Really sorry about the job setback. I hope the holiday is fabulous. Best travel tip i heard was take half the clothes and twice the cash. I usually pack a pair of shoes which goes with nothing else or forget a black bra.

  4. Sorry your employer sucks, but they’ve already proven to you that you don’t want to be a permanent employee! I hope the perfect job arrives soon…

  5. I usually forget deodorant…or rather I always forget something, but it’s not always the same thing. However, most often, it’s deodorant. Sometimes it’s my glasses, but I usually have a spare pair of contacts.

    I always take way more clothing than I need.

  6. I always forget a razor for my pits and legs. I just mentally block it out apparently.
    I always remember to bring tampons and pantyliners. Even if I don’t think my period will come. Because with me, you never freaking know.

  7. A facebook friend recently made up an account for her four year old – I was going on to my husband about how ooky I thought this was, how everyone will SEE everything and isn’t she worried about PRIVACY and Jamie gave me a LOOK and reminded me that I blog to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD about my kids and use their real names and Facebook has better privacy controls and maybe I’d like some salt with my shoe?

    Ahem. Whoops.

    I always pack at least four extra outfits (which means things are packed too tightly, so I look like a rumpled mess) and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS forget my lip balm. (Which usually means the hotel AC dries my lips out, so I’m a rumpled mess WITH peeling lips.)

    Really. I’m gorgeous.

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