Counting Down

I have been avoiding packing for the weekend. 1) I don’t really know what to bring, but if I was to go by the weather fronts from this winter where a snow storm here was crazyass blizzards a week later on the east coast, I would have to go by that “logic” and guess that this coming weekend will bring monsoons to Boston; and 2) Pulling together outfits that are casual and look effortless takes a lot of fucking effort. I am digging the fact that all but one pair of the five pairs of shoes I’m bringing (see? I overpack!) are flipflop style/uberflat and take up less room in my suitcase than a pair of my granny panties!

As excited as I am to have the ultimate Girls’ Night Out, I’m a bit ashamed to admit I’m going to miss being at home, especially away from Aitch. The longest time I’ve been away from her is 12 hours. Yes, I know you are rolling your eyes at me for being so pathetic sounding, but she’s my baby and will always be. I’ve been aware of that fact the moment I found out that donor cycle, that VERY LAST cycle had resulted in a positive.

There’s much more I can add in that regard, but a post about playing favorites is one left to much more thinking and reflection than I care to do on today, a day I’m trying to pack for a trip that will take me across the country and away from my whole family for six days. One of those days being both Father’s Day and our 13th Wedding Anniversary. It’s not a time to dwell on the boo-hoohoos, but a time to anticipate the exciting and new.

7 thoughts on “Counting Down”

  1. The very first sign that you are getting homesick, just remember that in a couple weeks, in the middle of a child tantrum, or meltdown, you will wish you were back in Boston enjoying the trip. It will be difficult for moments, but you have to really remember to have fun.

  2. You aren’t pathetic – I haven’t been away from my baby much more than 12 hours in his 13 months. Only one night away so far. Have fun in Boston!

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