The Boston Trip Outline

Things have been a bit overwhelming since my return from Boson (and truth-be-told, in the week prior), and it drives me nuts having so much to say and not being able to update. I have two addictions: white-chocolate mochas and blogging. My trip, while it prevented me from enjoying either to any great degree, it didn’t succeed in making me stay on the wagon once it was over.

Below is the outline I created to hopefully annoy the shit out of you, because I’m an ass.

Actually, today is the outline. Peruse. Study. Tomorrow (or next week) the actual posts start. Prepared to be dazzled! Or not. Either way, it’s cool.

1)       TUESDAY

           a)       Lost temp job

          b)       Retained temp job

                    i)         More on that later

          c)       Packed

          d)       Slept

          i)         Thank you, Valium!

2)       WEDNESDAY

          a)       Two hour drive to airport

          b)       Flew

                    i)         To Chicago

                    ii)       To Boston

          c)       CousinP picked me up from airport

          d)       Dinner at The Fours with CousinP

          e)       Slept

                    i)         The Onyx Hotel

3)       THURSDAY

          a)       Museum of Science

                     i)         Meet Nico from 16: “No Period Baby!” 30: “No Period – Baby?”

                              (1)     and son, Ant

                              (2)     and son, T

                   ii)       Lunch at museum

                   iii)      Return children home for time with their Grandma

          b)       Harvard Square

                    i)         With Nico!

                   ii)       Refreshments at Burdick’s

                              (1)     Succumbed to my white chocolate mocha addiction instead

          c)       Faneuil Hall Marketplace

                    i)         Met Serenity from Serenity Now

                   ii)       Met Heather from Unexplain This – The Sequel

                              (1)     Supper at The Black Rose

                              (2)     Walked to:

                                        (a)     North End

                                        (b)     Mike’s Pastry

                                                  (i)       Infamous cannolis

                                                             1    Succumbed to the Black & White Cookie instead

                                        (c)     Paul Revere’s statue

                                                   (i)       The Old North Church

                                        (d)     Return to Faneuil Hall Marketplace

                                        (e)     The Boston Public Gardens

                                                  (i)       Noshing couple by fountain

                                                 (ii)     Riot-prevention city police

                                                            1     NBA Finals

                                                 (iii)    Swan boats

                                                 (iv)   Beacon Street

                                                             1     Cheers Bar

                                        (f)      Did I mention the WALKING?!

          d)       Celtics lost

                    i)         Boo!

          e)       Slept

4)       FRIDAY

          a)       Met CousinP at Faneuil Hall Marketplace

                    i)         Walked to:

                            (1)     Boston Harbor

                                      (a)     Christopher Columbus statue

                                     (b)     Tall ships

                                     (c)     New England Aquarium

                    ii)       Lunch at Tia’s

                   iii)      Scheduled afternoon tour on Boston Duck Tour Boats

          b)       Haymarket with CousinP

          c)       CousinP drives me to Prudential Center for tour start

                    i)         Seated next to Gomer Pile’s cousin, Goober

                   ii)       Saw miscellaneous Boston landmarks

                  iii)      Charles River

                  iv)     Returned to Prudential Center

                  v)       Followed brief instructions on how to take the T back to hotel

                           (1)     T-use FAIL

                           (2)     Walked ALLLLL the way from Prudential Center back to hotel

                                     (a)     HOT

                                     (b)     Lost

                                     (c)     Message from Pamplemousse and Millie to let me know they are enjoying the Wine Happy Hour back at the air conditioned hotel while I’m still:

                                               (i)       HOT

                                              (ii)     Lost

                              (3)     Arrived back at hotel

                                         d)       Met Pamplemousse

                                                    i)         and husband, Head Banger

                                         e)       Met Millie from Green Glass Love

                                                    i)         and husband, E

                                                   ii)       and 10 month old daughter, L.E.

                                                            (1)     Freakin’ adorable!

                                         f)        Walked to North End

                                                   i)         Supper reservations at Bricco’s

                                                           (1)      Reservation FAIL

                                                   ii)        Lucca’s across the street has opening                                                     

                                        g)       Walked back to hotel (where we ALL were staying)

                                        h)       Slept

5)       SATURDAY

          a)       Met Mary Ellen from Not According to Plan

                    i)         Lunch at Legal Sea Foods

                              (1)     Pamplemousse

                              (2)     Millie

          b)       Museum of Fine Arts

                    i)         Took  the T

                              (1)     Success!

                   ii)       Met Delenn from Slaying, Blogging, Whatever…

                            (1)     and her son, Michael

                            (2)     and her daughter, Willow

          c)       Returned to hotel

          d)       Walked to Faneuil Hall Marketplace

                     i)       Met Diana from Stuck in Elmo’s World

           e)       Supper at Sel de la Terre

            f)        Walked the North End

           g)       Returned to hotel

           h)       Slept

6)       SUNDAY

          a)       Brunch with CousinP and his family for Father’s Day

          b)       Returned to hotel

          c)       Impromptu Wine Happy Hour in my room

                    i)         Pamplemousse et al

                   ii)       Millie et al

          d)       Met with Karen (retired blogger)

                    i)         Supper at Tia’s

                   ii)       After-dinner drinks at Cheers knock-off

          e)       Returned to hotel

           f)        Packed

           g)       Slept

7)       MONDAY

          a)       Completed packing

          b)       Woke the Pamplemousses

                    i)         Cuddled

          c)       Confirmed Millie as my “driver” to airport

                    i)         Drove to airport

          d)       Flew

                     i)         to LaGuardia

                    ii)       to Chicago

                   iii)      to Local airport

          e)       Drove home

                     i)         Supper at Runza!

          f)        Arrived home

                    i)         The mess!

                   ii)       Checked on kids already asleep

                  iii)      Unpacked contact solution, case and glasses only

                  iv)     Passed out from exhaustion