THURSDAY – Day 2 of Boston (Part 1 of 2)

(I’m splitting this into two posts because Aitch is napping and I don’t think I’ll be able to get the whole day into a post before she wakes up. Plus the laundry? OMFG. The laundry is OUT. OF. CONTROL!)

Thursday morning I started off nursing a mild hangover. Really just a headache that probably came from not properly hydrating, flying and nerves, but a hangover makes me sounds way more interesting and fun-loving, doesn’t it?

I still hadn’t unpacked from my arrival Wednesday afternoon and because I slept in, I had only about 45 minutes from when I crawled out of bed to shower and get my buttinski down stairs to meet Nico who was picking me up at the hotel to take me and her two sons to the Museum of Science. Her boys eyed me warily from the backseat, but I think I acted goofy enough in the short drive to the museum to get a couple of smiles.

We hit the children’s discovery area and while the boys played in the Discovery Center, Nico and I kept one eye each on the boys while we talked about who knows what. I was so overwhelmed by the experience that I remembered I didn’t act like a total tool. Nico recommended this awesome place in Harvard Square to get the best cup of hot-chocolate around, but first she took the boys home after we ate some lunch and dropped me back off at my hotel. I used that time to partially unpack.

From where she parked in Harvard Square, it was a short walk to Burdick’s, a quaint little shop that entreated passers-by to enter with the aromas of coffees and chocolate wafting out the door. While Nico had the hot-chocolate, I had to have my mocha. We split a slice of lemon dessert coated with chocolate icing and slurped on our drinks.

We walked around the “block”, if you could call anything in old Boston a “block”, and I told her I had hoped to pick up some Father’s Day cards and an Anniversary card to send home. We popped into a touristy shop and found my cards, as well as a package of Jesus band-aids. I must admit the bacon band-aids came in at a close second even though I hate bacon.

On the way back to her car, we passed one of the oldest cemetaries in Boston and Nico humoured me by accompanying me inside to view and read the amazing headstones. In the short time we passed through, this was probably my favorite:

“To the Memory of



of Newport Rhode Island Merch

and Daughter

of the late Judge REMINGTON

In every Relation of Life

She exhibited a becoming Behaviour


Sensible & Quick of Apprehension

Sprightly & ageable in Conversation

Hospitable Charitable Sincere & Pious

Died Sep 7 1764 AEiat : 39″

Isn’t that approximately what you would want your epitath to be like? One that can hold up to 250 years of mourners, wars, weather and tourists…?

It turned out to be a bittersweet meeting with Nico, who discovered at her 9 week appointment that her baby’s heart was no longer beating, and was just recovering from a D&C just days before. She and I both know getting out of the house after something like that to take the mind off what had happened was really the better way to heal. Thank you, Nico, for taking the time to drive into the city and introduce the boys to me. They were a delight, and so were you!

Nico's the cute one on your right.