THURSDAY – Day 2 of Boston (Part 2 of 2)

By Thursday afternoon, I had finally unpacked everything and made arrangements to meet up with two other bloggers: Serenity and Heather. Our rendezvous location was the statue of Sam Adams at Faneuil Hall. I poured over my hand-drawn map based on google.maps, all the while thinking about that crazy woman who used google.maps to take a stroll along the freeway and was struck by a car.

It was literally a ten minute walk from my hotel, even with the wrong turn I took getting there. I found a bench seat across from what I thought would be a reliable visual marker, took a picture as reference, and sent it to Serenity and Heather’s cell phones. Unfortunately, my reliable reference was anything but when a few minutes later, he got up and walked away! No matter as just moments later I saw two familiar faces scanning the crowd and waved them over. Thank goodness for Facebook and real avatar photos!

We took another short stroll to The Black Rose, a popular pub in the area. I annoyed the waitress immediately by ordering a red beer. I had to explain that no, it’s not a brand of beer, but a regular beer with a side of tomato juice and an extra glass. We ordered supper and decided to go for a walk. Off we headed to the North End, or Boston’s Little Italy.

I loved the narrow streets and the little shops and restaurants bursting at the seams with patrons even on a Thursday night. Mike’s Pastry, had people elbow to elbow jockeying for position at the counter for a chance to purchase one or a dozen of their famous cannolis, including Serenity and Heather. Not a lover of cream cheese, I decided to get the Black & White Cookie, “Look to the cookie, Elaine! Look to the cookie!” Thank goodness I didn’t try that on either Friday or Saturday night as the line extended out of the store and down the sidewalk with at least 30 to 40 would-be patrons waiting patiently in queu.

Yes, I'm aware that holding a flash camera at night doesn't result in awesome pictures.

We strolled past Paul Revere’s statue and into the little park in front of the famous North Church (“One if by land; two if by sea…”) and sat in quiet peace by the fountain to enjoy our deserts. We were soon off again for another walk. We back-tracked our way to Sam Adams and went around what has been voted the Ugliest Building in the World, and found our way into Boston’s Public Gardens. Even in the dark, they were beautiful and we hardly saw a soul. Most people were probably taking in Game 7 of the NBA Finals since the Celtics were playing.

In related sites, we walked by several large groups of city officers geared for riot prevention in case the Celtics won. They were in good spirits to those gawkers who walked by, including goofy tourists like me snapping pictures of them.

Lotion, STAT!

We did an incredible amount of walking that night, but it probably didn’t seem as much to Serenity and Heather who are each training for the triathlon. It was literally a stroll in the park whereas I was praying my arches were going to hold up when we still had yet to turn and head back towards the hotel. I can thank the Lord – literally. You see, I had on a pair of sandals with buckles that rubbed at my ankles. I had the foresight to apply Jesus to each ankle before leaving the hotel. Jesus truly does save! At least my ankles anyway.

By the time I walked back to my hotel, I was again grateful that while it was somewhere around 11:00 p.m. and I was alone, there were swarms of riot-police everywhere, especially as I closed in on my hotel only a block from TD Gardens. I was prepared to show my room key as suggested by the concierge at the hotel, but was never asked when I walked through the temporary barriers. Up in my room I wondered if I would hear the collective groan from Boston as the last few seconds of the game ticked off the clock with the Celtics unable to close the handful of points that separated them from the championship. I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow as I didn’t hear another sound until around 8:30 the next morning.

It was a gorgeous walk, and while I’m sure most people take it during the day, there was something quite calming and peaceful about it at night. I also didn’t realize how much ground we covered until a couple days later when my first attempt to take The T was an abysmal failure. If it hadn’t been for Serenity and Heather showing me the sites, I would have been seriously screwed. So, thanks ladies; you saved my ass! Of course, I was thrilled to just spend time with a couple of ladies who have traveled the infertility journey on-line with me from nearly the beginning. The fact I haven’t yet turned/scared them off says so much about them.

I'm gesturing over my shoulder at the couple making out on the bench.
L-R: Me, Serenity and Heather

7 thoughts on “THURSDAY – Day 2 of Boston (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. Nighttime is my favorite time in the city – I could wander it for hours. I’m so happy that we got a chance to meet you – you are as fabulous in person as you are on the internet.

    Even happier that Jesus saved your ankles, too. 🙂


  2. We saw more people making out that night than I ever have. Remember the people on the bridge at the public garden and the other couple in the common?
    Anyway, it was so cool to hang out with you. You are just as much fun as I thought you would be. What was cool, and I love that this happens, is that we got right into conversation as if we had known each other for a very long time. Which we have but not face to face, which can be awkward in some situations.
    BTW, Serenity is training for another half marathon (show off 😉 ), I’m training for the triathlon. I’ll admit my feet were a tiny bit sore the next day. Also, I felt totally hung over even though we barely drank. Very weird.
    It was cool seeing everything at night!

  3. We walked all of that in the middle of July, during the day. I would guess it’s much better at night! This sounds like my kind of trip, with all the people watching!

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