Second Baby Syndrome or Just Shitty Parents?

You hear the stories and read the articles on how second children commonly get the shaft when it comes to parental attention. I spent the past couple of weeks working on a slideshow for Aitch’s second birthday. Long story short: I still haven’t finished it. Now that her birthday has come and gone, I have even lost incentive to get it finished.

Man, I suck.

It’s not that I didn’t finish the slideshow. I didn’t get her a birthday card.

I know, I know. It’s not like she can READ, right?

But I didn’t get her a birthday cake, either.

Wait, it gets even better.

I did buy her some gifts…

…but we never wrapped them.

Of course, I still have time to wrap them. Do you want to know why?

Because we haven’t given her any gifts.

This is not unusual, is it?

I’m going with my earlier determination:

I suck.

12 thoughts on “Second Baby Syndrome or Just Shitty Parents?”

  1. Second Child Syndrome, or More than 1 Child Syndrome. I & N’s baby books are mostly blank. And I can’t remember any of their milestones. D.’s sister gave me a little milestone book to write in, “Before You Forget,” and I felt like a total slacker until she admitted that she hadn’t filled out a book for her second kid.

  2. Then P surely got second-child syndrome, despite being my first. He does have a baby album. It’s semi-filled-in. Probably less than 1/2. And there are no pictures in it. K does not have an album (they don’t make new toddler albums anyway), but he has my family blog 😉

    I think I’ve always done a cake but only because I really like cake.

  3. You might get away with it this year, but next year? Forget it!

    As the 4th child, there is no baby book for me (but, then, I never made one for my only child). There are few pictures. There is 8mm film, because the parents got a new toy shortly before I was born. On the other hand, I know how to fly under the radar really, really well!

  4. Son #1, has his own library of photo albums.
    Son #2, has some pictures in the family albums.
    Son #3, I hope to hell he never goes looking. I do love him. HONEST!

  5. Totally second child syndrome – how do I know? Cause you sound like my grandmother, and my mother, and my sister, and every other mother with more than one child that I know. Seriously.

    My sister’s baby book has every single “first” she ever had in her first three years…until I came along and then nada. My book? Not even sure it has my whole name in it.

    The fact that you even have photos that you want to put into a slide show is a HUGE accomplishment. You can put it together after she leaves for college and you have more time.

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