Jamma, Jamma, Jamma, Jamma, P. Js!

When Sparring Partner and I first started dating and I was sleeping over (‘cause I was a WHORE!), a set of pajamas was just one thing I didn’t worry about keeping in his dresser drawers. It was Happy Naked Time from sun down to sun up. If I needed a little extra covering out of modesty, I would just borrow a t-shirt from his closet. However, under the covers, nothing felt better than that heated waterbed and spooning skin-to-skin.

The longer we dated, the more modest I became. Weird, I know. Maybe it was his cat and the mocking looks he would give me. They were more retribution than anything since I forced him to give up his favorite snoozing spot, which was exactly where my pillow went. Maybe it was because his SIL thought nothing of stopping by unannounced at all times of the day. Whatever it was, I eventually found myself sporting men’s flannel pants and tank tops or t-shirts, which ended up the uniform du jour once I became a mother. Babies don’t care if you’re naked or not when go to sooth them, but babies also have a natural tendency to grab and squeeze whatever they can get their hands on. Even the barrier of a t-shirt saved me several times from what could have been a baby-dropping, nipple pinches.

I tried nightdresses, but they rode up and bunched around my hips. My thighs, growing in heft, would get uncomfortably sticky and hot. Sexy if this was a torrid romance novel, but not so much in this instance. I always returned to the flannel or percale cotton pants. My favorites came from Old Navy. My only complaint with them was how they also tended to ride up my legs, only now bunching at my knees. Being a side-sleeper, this was very uncomfortable. If someone had designed loose fitting pajama pants with stirrups, I’d been all over that. Except I’m sure they would have inspired nightmares about snakes wrapping around my feet.

I made do for years. This summer, before my trip to Boston in fact, I purchased a real grown-up pajama set of pants and matching top, just in case some in-bed snuggling was to be had. They were of satin-esque material and a bitch to fold, slippery as they were. While I unfortunately never had a chance to cuddle with any of the bloggers I met up with in Boston, I did discover something amazing about the satin-ey pants: they didn’t ride up my legs during sleep! I no longer had to reach down half asleep and pull each leg down to my ankles, or even go so far as to get out of bed just to get everything back in line. I lurv my satin-ey pajama bottoms, even if they don’t seem to breathe as well as my cotton. I could eventually upgrade to a pair of silk bottoms with the hopes that they would be breathable as well as provide less friction for my sleeping comfort, but it’s baby steps for now.

What does your nocturnal wardrobe include and has it changed over the years?

17 thoughts on “Jamma, Jamma, Jamma, Jamma, P. Js!”

  1. I used to sleep (and work from home) in a bra and underwear or shortie nightie. At some point I gave these up and have slept naked for most of a decade. Since I got married, incidentally, although we sleep in different rooms (great recipe for a strong marriage!). A few weeks ago I wandered into the lingerie section of a department store and bought a short, sleeveless nightgown, at least two sizes too large. It’s the most wonderful thing to sleep in. Doesn’t bunch up and feels sexier than nudity. My husband agrees, as he keeps wandering in. Nice.

  2. I accidentally bought a three-pack of leggings one size too big (they aren’t loose, just…not very legging-y). I was using them as skiing base layers until I figured out that sleeping in them is FAR SUPERIOR to sleeping in pajama pants in the wintertime. They don’t ride up, twist, any of that, and the material is super comfortable. Highly recommended.

    I wear those and a tank to bed. In the summertime, tanks and boxers or tanks and underwear (if I have any, I only own three pairs of non-thongs).

  3. If it’s too hot, I go for one of his t-shirts and my undies. When I do wear bottoms (or if I haven’t shaved and want to spare his legs…) I will go for cotton pj bottoms. IN the winter I wear sweat pants, and those are usually accompanied by the elastic ankles..so not really too much riding up there.

  4. I wear tank tops with the shelf bra and cotton shorts for summer, flannel jammie pants for cooler months. Once in a while, socks if my feet are freezing but they rarely stay on all night. I have some nighties but they’re more for recreation than sleep. ;o)

  5. I hate nightgowns. Unless they’re satin, because you get all pajangled. And honestly, even satin is too hot for me. I sleep in a beater and cotton bikinis or grannies. Depending on my mood.

  6. I have come a long way from the high ruffled neck, floor length, plaid flannel I was forced to wear because that was the only thing my MIL ever bought me for any gift giving occasion. (This is the same MIL that n.e.v.e.r. changed her clothes in front of my FIL…..so she could maintain “the mystery”. Yeah.)

    I love to sleep nekkid but with all boys that wouldn’t work, so now I am fairly comfortable with baggy boxers and an old loose t-shirt.

    I even bought an electric mattress pad to keep me warm in the winter, because I CAN’T STAND long things bunching up around my knees.

  7. I can’t stand wearing pants to bed, for the bunching reason you listed. I just wear a tank and undies every night. And now that all of my tanks are too small, it’s a really *hot* look.

  8. When I was young, I liked pretty PJ sets. My BFF used to call me jammie girl because when we lived together I had so many night gowns, and little cami/short combos. Then I went naked for awhile. Now I tend to sleep in boxers – when we have guests in the house I add a t-shirt just in case someone throws open the wrong door looking for the potty.

  9. 10 years ago, I preferred to sleep naked or with just a pair of panties (ya know, just in case the house caught fire and I needed to go stand in my front yard waiting for the fire trucks).

    Now after having a child and running across the house numerous times a night, plus explaining to said kid why “momma has no clothes on”, I’ve started sleeping in a tank and yoga pants or cotton pj pants too.

  10. The responses are cracking me up!

    I am a pajamas kind of girl. I do like my coordinated outfits. I used to have a whole bunch of silk slips, but got out of the habit of wearing them when they went unappreciated. Plus, they would end up wound around something. Now, it’s shorts and a tank or tshirt in summer and cotton pajamas in winter.

    I have never been a fan of the naked sleeping, and find that skin to skin contact just makes me sweaty and uncomfortable. So my husband and I will cuddle for a while, and then move to our respective sides. In fact, he’ll usually put a pillow between us! I get really hot when I sleep, so this works well for me.

  11. I love nightgowns. Unfortunately, they ride up and are generally unacceptable (My poor children have seen my ass too many times for me to ever pretend they won’t need therapy now) Pajamas make me feel like I’m being twisted up in a bale of fabric. I think I’ll always be a boxer shorts and grungy tshirt kind of girl.
    (My husband just sighs. Of course, he’s wearing SOCKS to bed, so he has no room to talk. HE is OLD.)

  12. It varies between proper flannel pjs, long t shirt, a couple of French nighties, or nothing. The particular outfit doesn’t seem to correlate with whether there is an “action”!

  13. I wear a tank top/cami with built-in shelf bra and cotton yoga-type pants or shorts if it’s not hot. Sometimes a knee-length cotton nightgown but I don’t like my breasts wobbling around uncorraled.

  14. I do not like to wear pant or long gowns. I just wear a t-shirt and have shorts next to the bed for when I wake up in the morning. Sexy!

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