It Might Be More Fun To Spork Out My Brains

In a few days, we are going on our first Family Vacation since I got pregnant with Aitch, and I have to admit I’m a little freaked out by the idea. We were going to start “small”, just a few hours drive to Mt. Rushmore. Oh I know, that doesn’t sound all that exciting, but Doodicus has talked about seeing it for a couple of years now and I think he would really be awed by how big it actually is, plus I’m sure we’d find other things to do. Unfortunately, the timing of the trip would land us right in the thick of thousands of motorcyclists and their chaps – sometimes little more. Lodging would be impossible to find this late into the game.

Plan B was a drive to the Rocky Mountains. While I would love to see the mountains again, and especially Garden of the Gods, I wasn’t up to a full day’s drive to get there with the kids.

Plan C was something a little closer, but unfortunately more commercial and less road-trip worthy as far as sightseeing goes: Worlds of Fun or Adventureland.

I know, you’re jealous aren’t you? It totally makes up for the fact I cannot go to BlogHer. Actually the timing is such I won’t have to be inundated with blog posts regaling attendees’ drunken revelries that may or may not contain details of who was sleeping with who and wearing what or whatnot. Who wants to hear about that shit, anyway?? I do!

Here’s where I’m grateful for the internet and those who are seasoned travelers, especially compared to our hay wagon way of travel. It’ll be easy enough to keep Doodicus entertained for that long: some movies and his Nintendo DS. Easy peasy. However, what should I bring to keep Aitch, who just turned two, occupied? Any fun little travel kits you’ve had luck with? We won’t be spending every waking moment at the amusement parks either (and who knows with this crazy Midwest weather bullshit), so what should I make sure to have in our hotel room to make the days away from home easier? Is there anything you’ve traveled with that you definitely recommend we NOT bring with us?

9 thoughts on “It Might Be More Fun To Spork Out My Brains”

  1. I am big on the surprise bag. A trip to the dollar store usually gets some good loot without breaking the bank, and no one sees it until the trip. I also like the small snack anything that takes a long time to eat.

  2. has anyone suggested wine? no? well it works one large glass or two or three and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the whole drive. just make sure the kids are set with toys food drinks and astronaut strength diapers and you can snooze the whole way there and back.

  3. “Is there anything you’ve traveled with that you definitely recommend we NOT bring with us?”
    Yeah…the kids.

    One thing you might want to consider (if you insist on taking them;) is travel at night when they are sleeping. We did that when the boys were little and when they woke up we were there. Unfortunately though, they subsequently had no concept of time, and thought that South Carolina was a 10 minute drive….from Ohio.

  4. We did a cross-country flight+weeklong hotel stay when BG was 18 months old, and needed surprisingly little. Of course, bearing in mind that BG is a relatively docile kid who entertains herself pretty easily…essentials for us were travel DVD player with a few DVDs, a Magnadoodle (HIGHLY RECOMMEND–way easier to deal with than paper and crayons, and no mess), a few books, a bedtime stuffed animal, and a little purse with some matchbox cars in it. Hotel rooms are full of novelty–BG spent a lot of time just playing with the little creamers that came with the in-room coffee pot. And don’t forget swimsuits for the hotel pool.

    1. I second the Magnadoodle. Forgot about it. Also the hotel room? Remember to bring some outlet covers if you’re worried about that. Also pens. Hotel rooms have pens and our kid loves them… has written on a few sheets. (bedsheets).

  5. So far we have been blessed. We have taken our munchkin on many road trips/trips since he was 3 months old. He’s traveled pretty well on all of them. The most recent was a trip to PA from MN. 20+ hours of driving. He loves to entertain himself with cars and trains. Have a little track for him to run his cars on that he can hold in his lap and he is entertained for hours. Movies work too. (He’s currently 3).

    Took a longer trip in March. Drove to Ohio, NC, SC and back. Did the same stuff. He likes to color too.

    Did the drive when he was 2 also. THen he mostly played with some animals. He’s very good at amusing himself. He doesn’t sleep well on long trips though. Makes the nightly stops interesting.

    Take whatever it is she likes to play with for the hotel. Mostly we don’t spend much time in the room, it’s usually clean up, sleep and that’s about it.

    have FUN!. Try not to stress too much.

  6. I never take anything special for the stay, but for the travel times, we get something new. Coloring book, toy, something – usually from the dollar store. Also, I try to drive when she’s going to fall asleep in the car. Of course, our vacations involve going to my sisters’ or friends’ houses, so there is always entertainment available there.

  7. DVDs for her too! We just got back from our VA-AR trip and 15 hours in the car each way. Lots of snacks – dried fruits were our favorite this trip. Not messy and Katherine loves fruit. Lots of verses of Wheels on the Bus (we have all kinds of characters on our bus from Priests, hookers, farm animals – you name it and it was on the bus). Books and new dinosaurs…I avoid anything noisy. Have fun!!

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