What To Bring With You On A Family Vacation

So I asked you what to bring on our family vacation in which we would spend a great deal of time in the car. Yes, we brought movies. In related news: “UP” and “Flushed Away” have been retired indefinitely.

I forgot my vicodin, dammit!

But if you really want to know what to bring on a vacation that involves driving your own vehicle to and fro? Well next time, we will bring a pop-up hamper. Packs flat and it’ll give me some place to throw all the dirty clothes as we go through the days and then I can throw that into the van without having to mix it with the clean stuff.

Why didn’t anyone mention THAT bit of important information?? You just wanted me to figure that out on my own, right?

The Griswalds have returned from their whirlwind trip across the state border. The first thing I did once I walked through the door was start a load of laundry. I think I’m getting more OCD as I get older. That or I’ve never noticed the amount of errant hair left in hotels before. Or the used band aid I found under the bed in my final walk through.

All together now: EWWWWWwwwwww!

7 thoughts on “What To Bring With You On A Family Vacation”

  1. Shanna and I may have stayed in the same hotel. I once found a used rubber UNDER the bed. Now, I’m not that fussy – in particular when I’m tired and desperate for some shut eye … but oh dear god – I don’t think I slept for a week after that discovery.

    Also – the pop up hamper thing, not a good idea to pack folded up inside your suitcase. Family vacation 1999 pictures show me sporting a doozy of a black eye when that little fucker flew at me upon suitcase opening.

  2. The used band-aid is better then finding a used rubber behind the toilet. yeah, gross. Or even better I found notes in the toilet paper roll at one hotel that said “I am watching you”. I got my room changed immediately with no problems at all with that one.

  3. A garbage bag/plastic bag is a hassle. It’s OK if you have one outfit to go in it, but when you have a toddler, a very messy boy, and a equally messy husband, I would need 10 plastic bags. Nope. A pop-up hamper will be perfect.

  4. I usually get the laundry bag from the hotel and use that – or a used grocery bag. But if you want to get all fancy…

    Shortly after I started working in a crime lab, I started seeing blood in every hotel room I’ve stayed in. It’s really gross, and while I usually think my germophobe of a husband is over-reacting to things, in hotel rooms, I have to agree with him. Also, if you’ve ever seen 4 Rooms, you’d rather not stay in another hotel room. Ever.

  5. I just pack a garbage bag in my suitcase and put the clothes folded in that so it stay separate from the clean ones but everything still goes back in my bag. But I’m not a stinky child that loves to dig in dirt and play in bubble soap (preferably at the same time). Her clothes get a bag but it doesn’t go back in her suitcase…

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