Happy Travels

Wally World was a good choice for us as a first time get away with the four of us in that it was relatively inexpensive and not a thousand miles away. The packing part was utterly ridiculous though. For whatever reason, we have a half-dozen coolers that will hold a six-pack and then one cooler that will hold the entire contents of our freezer. Nothing in between? What the hell??

Four People - Three Nights

We watched three movies in an hour. Obviously not one entire movie, but I didn’t mind switching out one DVD for the next as long as Miss Bossy Pants was content. I would have given Aitch a package of steak knives to open if it meant keeping her busy. She wanted nothing to do with her “Dolly Pockets” (her words, not mine) (and I would like to kick whoever invented Polly Pockets in the nuts, because it had to be a guy) or her magna-doodle. I was thrilled when she fell asleep, which was the last thing that had gone according to plan.

I had booked a suite at Wally World’s sponsored lodging. It was right off the pool area. Great idea if you’re two or eight. Not such a good idea when this Mama wants some blessed sleep since the pool hours are from 8:30 to 10:30. 10:30 p.m.! Shouldn’t your kids be in bed?! I was so tired that the thumping of the Black Eyed Peas on a loop from the swim up bar didn’t even phase me.

Indoor Hotel Pool

The next morning a fire was lit under Sparring Partner’s ass who had us bustling to the trolley that takes hotel guests to the amusement park. Three of us were prepared for the water park, either packing a swim suit or wearing it. Sparring Partner, after being strongly urged to wear one – wouldn’t. After bickering and waiting in line, we finally were inside the park…AND THEN he says, “Should I have my swim trunks?”

He knew in public he was safe.

So. We attempted to amuse ourselves for about 30 minutes while he trollied back to the hotel, grabbed his suit, and then trollied back. Neither of us had brought our cell phones so I couldn’t go far without the risk of missing him walking by. I was pissed.

I’m not an amusement park-ride kind of girl. I get whoozy sitting in the back seat of a car. Flights are dramamine packed. I was happy to be the one pushing Aitch’s stroller around as she hit the kiddy rides while the boys rode on the more extreme attractions. Halfway through the park, I spied a ride that seemed like one all four of us could partake in. It just went around and around. Pfft! I thought. I can do that!

It ruined the next hour for me. Suddenly it was too hot, too humid, I was too hungry, too thirsty, and I didn’t need Aitch to see me vomit in the grassy courtyards. I needed to get to the water park, post-haste, to cool off.

Me, looking down at my feet, trying not to hurl.
Rather boring looking, no? *blargh!*

Once in the water park, I told Aitch to “walk!” a million times. I only had to pick her up off the hard pavement she had slipped on four times. Half way through the day, I told Sparring Partner that we were heading back to the hotel to eat a lunch and catch a nap. Sure I used Aitch as the excuse to do both, but it was really all for me. She napped for three hours! It was wonderful! *sigh*

The second day was a repeat of the first (without the nausea), but it was hotter than Hades both days! Even sitting in the shade, sweat would drip down my face. It tired the kids very nicely. Aitch slept easily for the most part, except the second night she woke up at 4:00 a.m. with the excuse she had pooped (she hadn’t) and I was forced to lay with her on one of the beds for 90 minutes stroking her back or hair to try to get her back to sleep. I ran the idea of taking her for a drive in the van past Sparring Partner, but because each night there were severe thunderstorms and torrential rain, we would get soaked.

It was nice, all in all. Our first vacation as a family of four. Not perfect, but I don’t know if that’s even possible even with just two adults. On our first full day back, the kids went to daycare. Mom and dad are still on vacation. I need to find a job. Sparring Partner is trying to fix my mom’s lawnmower. The kids need to keep a certain routine, even though once school starts, Aitch will be home with me until I find work. God…just thinking about that is just a fucking downer. So! No more thinking of it, right?!

It's All Good