This coming week marks my 5th Anniversary in blogging. Yes, there’s actually over four years of this shit at another blog site for those you who are new here (which I seriously doubt). I started with BlogSpot, moved to TypePad, and then finally WordPress. I’ve changed my blog’s name *counting on fingers* FOUR times! In hind site, that’s kinda stupid. Think long and hard when creating a blog, you newbies out there. No one buys into that “Now with a New Look!” bullshit.

In that time, I’ve made a lot of friends via the internet. But I’ve also pissed off a decent share. I know that. I’m not proud of it, either. Really. My problem? It really all comes down to something very simple and basic: Jealousy. I am envious of just about every blogger I read. It doesn’t really matter about what, because I’m that cow on the other side of the fence eyeballing your yard when mine really is just fine, all things considering.

I intentionally shut out those that are uber-popular┬ábecause I figure they’ll never notice I’m gone. And even if your blog isn’t what you think of as uber-popular, I’m jealous of how well you write; how funny your stories are; how happy you are in your marriage; how smart and attentive your children are; and how you seem to have time to relax with your family, take gorgeous pictures and post them to your blog because even your web access seems to surpass mine.

But I don’t want to feel like that anymore. It’s made me lose┬átouch with some really great people, and with that I’ve lost out on some wonderful stories. I use to click over to a blog when someone gushed about it. Now? I just do the equivalent of stomping off in the other direction and pretend I don’t care. Again, who am I really hurting here, but me.

So in honor of my 5th Anniversary of blogging, I’m going to try to recover those feelings I had when I first started blogging and there was a world in front of me to explore. When I read a post that I find interesting and I click over from my feed and see 75 other comments, I will still leave my own, even if it’s a repeat of 74 of the other comments. I will try to be a better friend, both IRL and on-line. I’m tired of feeling resentful. If I’ve hurt your feelings and you’re still here, I’m sorry. Really. And if you wonder if I’m referring to YOU…I probably am.