Human Nature

Aitch is enthralled with the movie UP. I think it might be because Carl Fredrickson reminds her of Grampa. The other day we travelled a couple hours in the car and one of the movies we played in the DVD player was UP. Before I go further, let me first tell you that Aitch is very astute when it comes to human nature. It’s fascinating to watch her learn from watching others.

For example, we were at a fast food restaurant. Inside was one of the locals who is well-known for having a mental disorder, most likely tourette’s. We were seated a few booths away from him and he would have occasional loud outbursts. Aitch would watch him intently. In another booth, the same distance away, an elderly couple was seated. Both the single gentleman and the couple made eye-contact with Aitch; both said, “Hi!”

Soon I announced it was time to go. Aitch jumped down from seat and headed in the direction of the elderly couple, which lead to one of the exits. However, we came in through the exit closer to the man. When I said, “This way!” she looked at the man and whimpered and clung and tried to convince me to go, “this¬†way!”, the opposite direction. She knew within the short time we were there that something wasn’t right with him.

Back to the movie. When Aitch was watching it in the car, she start to cry and whimper, visibly shaking. Her hands were in her mouth, so I first assumed the wipe I had used to clean off her face just a few minutes prior may be burning her skin. She began to shriek, and after repeatedly asking what was wrong, she pointed to the movie, just as this scene played (if you don’t want to follow the link, it’s where Carl hits the construction worker over the head with his walker and almost knocks him out). Once the scene closed, she was fine again.

It wasn’t a fluke, either. We were watching it just a while ago, and as we got closer and closer to that same scene, Aitch became clingier¬†and clingier to the point she was up in my lap with her head buried into my shoulder; the whimpering intensifying. She’s just two, but she just knew that something wasn’t right about what was happening. It’s the only scene of the movie she gets visibly upset.

I don’t know if it’s normal, but I do know based on how my son reacted in similar situations that it’s definitely different.