What To Bring With You On A Family Vacation

So I asked you what to bring on our family vacation in which we would spend a great deal of time in the car. Yes, we brought movies. In related news: “UP” and “Flushed Away” have been retired indefinitely.

I forgot my vicodin, dammit!

But if you really want to know what to bring on a vacation that involves driving your own vehicle to and fro? Well next time, we will bring a pop-up hamper. Packs flat and it’ll give me some place to throw all the dirty clothes as we go through the days and then I can throw that into the van without having to mix it with the clean stuff.

Why didn’t anyone mention THAT bit of important information?? You just wanted me to figure that out on my own, right?

The Griswalds have returned from their whirlwind trip across the state border. The first thing I did once I walked through the door was start a load of laundry. I think I’m getting more OCD as I get older. That or I’ve never noticed the amount of errant hair left in hotels before. Or the used band aid I found under the bed in my final walk through.

All together now: EWWWWWwwwwww!

It Might Be More Fun To Spork Out My Brains

In a few days, we are going on our first Family Vacation since I got pregnant with Aitch, and I have to admit I’m a little freaked out by the idea. We were going to start “small”, just a few hours drive to Mt. Rushmore. Oh I know, that doesn’t sound all that exciting, but Doodicus has talked about seeing it for a couple of years now and I think he would really be awed by how big it actually is, plus I’m sure we’d find other things to do. Unfortunately, the timing of the trip would land us right in the thick of thousands of motorcyclists and their chaps – sometimes little more. Lodging would be impossible to find this late into the game.

Plan B was a drive to the Rocky Mountains. While I would love to see the mountains again, and especially Garden of the Gods, I wasn’t up to a full day’s drive to get there with the kids.

Plan C was something a little closer, but unfortunately more commercial and less road-trip worthy as far as sightseeing goes: Worlds of Fun or Adventureland.

I know, you’re jealous aren’t you? It totally makes up for the fact I cannot go to BlogHer. Actually the timing is such I won’t have to be inundated with blog posts regaling attendees’ drunken revelries that may or may not contain details of who was sleeping with who and wearing what or whatnot. Who wants to hear about that shit, anyway?? I do!

Here’s where I’m grateful for the internet and those who are seasoned travelers, especially compared to our hay wagon way of travel. It’ll be easy enough to keep Doodicus entertained for that long: some movies and his Nintendo DS. Easy peasy. However, what should I bring to keep Aitch, who just turned two, occupied? Any fun little travel kits you’ve had luck with? We won’t be spending every waking moment at the amusement parks either (and who knows with this crazy Midwest weather bullshit), so what should I make sure to have in our hotel room to make the days away from home easier? Is there anything you’ve traveled with that you definitely recommend we NOT bring with us?