Zee Mole

This is Zee Mole nearly three weeks after the biopsy (today). It’s HUGE, isn’t it??

What? It’s not huge?! I think this guy begs to disagree:

See? He’s totally freaked out. It’s like a Black Hole, right in the back of my leg. His head would fit in that hole, people!

More proof:

See that? That my friends, is a giant pumpkin I picked this past weekend. It looks like one of those pathetic, undersizedĀ “pie” pumpkins, doesn’t it? But believe you, me, that’s a whopper pumpkin.

Even the screaming dude concurs. “Aaaiiiiieeee! The Black Hole! A giant pumpkin!! Girl, you need some lotion!”

7 thoughts on “Zee Mole”

  1. I’ve had a shave biopsy like that performed before too but my hole was WAY bigger. LOL. Seriously, it was over dime sized and actually looked almost like a cigarette burn as it healed. Very odd.

    Oh and I had my dermatologist take it off because it was suspicious. About six months later I went to the OB to get a regular check up and I saw her eyes scan the scar on my lower stomach. I could see the questions going through her mind so I immediately told her what it was and who removed it. She actually looked relieved!

  2. This is just weird – I’ve had more than 10 moles removed (some termed pre-cancerous whatever that means precisely) and they are always completely removed and then stitched (by a plastic surgeon no less).
    Why the heck would they just take a divot out? Yeah I know the medical drs like golf and all that but really…
    I do like the little blue guy – I think he would react like that to my whole person right now.

  3. Knee socks are back in fashion this year.

    (Is it really bad that I laughed at your screaming man and pumpkin? I swear, I wasn’t laughing at the divot)

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