Started another temp job today. Go me.

While the work itself will be duller than dishwater, my fellow temp-employees should be fodderrific!

Today was training so when I arrived with the other newbies, we were to all sit down at the conference table we had met at once before. I love the psychological aspects that go into body language and such so instead of sitting where I had before, like everyone else, I sat at the head of the table. I’m such a rebel.

Joining us was Prego. A temp as well, but wasn’t at the first meeting, and one could assume by her nickname that she is indeed visibly pregnant. In just a few short minutes, she shared everything but *how* she got pregnant…the first time AND the second time.

She announced that “they” had been trying to get pregnant for three years and were going through all the “fertility stuff” but it just didn’t work. Three months after stopping, like ohemgee! she got pregnant! and was on bedrest! and her son is just fine even though she delivered him early at 37 weeks.

I was really trying not to roll my eyes. Especially when someone chimed in with, “It must have been your body adjusting to getting off of all of those fertility drugs.”

And then on her son’s 1st birthday, the pregnancy test her FIANCE told her not to waste her money on because the doctor told her at the birth of their first child she would never have any more children and she knew that right, was positive! And they’re having a little girl!

A stranger asks, “Is she active?”

Oh, yes, and with the placenta here *rubs placenta*, blahBLAHdeblahblah….but right now she’s sleeping…I’m so big, my father-in-law asked me if I swallowed a watermelon!…yeah, it should be interesting for my son as he’s the first grandson and great-grandson…(wait. What??)

She sits next to me at our work stations. She’s going to make me nuts, I can just tell. This job is supposed to¬†go through the end of the year (unless I find something sooner, as if!) and she’s not due until late December.

I’m going to have to hear about her pregnancy for the next 12 weeks, aren’t I?

I am SO showing off my surgical sites in a couple of weeks just to trump her pregnancy blithering.