Little Known (but you may have guessed) Facts

I can’t stand crowds. My personal bubble is enormous. For that reason, I won’t go to concerts. Crowded malls and craft fairs (god yes, I’ve attended craft fairs) always make me wish I had a taser.

It’s gotten to be so bad that when a song performed live comes on the radio and it includes the crowd noise, my blood pressure goes up and I automatically get annoyed.

Does this make me hypersensitive or just crotchety?

(Holy shit! I JUST realized there’s an Undo and Redo button on my wordpress post options! Do you know how many times I’ve accidently deleted something thinking it was a weird glitch on WP’s part when all this time it was because I was pushing the Undo button instead of the spellcheck button which is right above it?? Cool!)