In 24 Hours, I Won’t Even Recognize Myself

It’s been a little over a month since the biopsy of Zee Mole. I have a poor quality pix of it from my cell phone. I wish I had a better one to keep documented. Last week, after showering the scab came off. Aren’t you glad I shared that with you? But it’s still nasty. Here’s how it looks currently.


 Within 24 hours, it’ll look completely different. If it has taken a month for the initial procedure to look as “good” as the picture above, I am fairly certain the new wound will take most of the winter. Good thing it wasn’t shorts and flip-flop weather, eh? Gotta look on the bright side… 

Here’s the other mole that will be removed and biopsied. This one I will miss, strange as it seems. I’ve had it for a very long time. However, while Dr. Drapenscrape didn’t think we should be concerned, the oncologist doesn’t like the slight feathering of the edges.


If this one comes back as MM as well AND is deeper than .75 mm, then we will be back to the possibility of a lymph node biopsy. This doesn’t account for every other mole I have that has been scrutinized to the point of being obsessive.

Sidenote: the pre-screening nurse asked if there was any way I was pregnant. Yes, of course I audibly scoffed. She said that the anesthestist may require a pregnancy test anyway. I scoffed again. How do I explain – over the phone and to an utter stranger – that two of the most important elements in getting pregnant: 1) healthy eggs and 2) sex, are nonexistent? I guess I’ll have to spend another $50 for a stupid pee test.

Unrelated sidenote: Thank you…you know for what.

15 thoughts on “In 24 Hours, I Won’t Even Recognize Myself”

  1. Hey thanks for the blog hope everything is ok. I too have had news today that the mole on the bottom of my foot. Pretty much in the same place as yours may be melanoma and im waiting for biopsy.

  2. Now I just feel cheated….I have moles like the one on your foot and my doc has never been concerned about them. Humph!!

    In all seriousness, good luck.

  3. As for the pregnancy test… how about you just bring one and say here’s the deal… I’ll pee on this and save myself $50? Look negative. Thanks… I greatly appreciate this on top of everything else.

    DD- I’ll be thinking of you… I expect a facebook or something update okay?? Hang in there and know you’re in my thoughts. Or tell Mr. DD he needs to email your facebook friends or something…

  4. Don’t waste your bucks on a pregnancy test. Every year when I have my mammogram they ask me. I bluntly tell them that immaculate conception has only happened once that I am aware of… (not to mention that I am fucking old and my eggs are comatose by now).

    Will be thinking about you.

  5. I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to Nebraska, but I do wish it were possible because I’d much rather give you a hug in person.

  6. searched for melanoma and came up at your blog. i’m there myself, as i will be going to houston tomorrow to see an oncologist at MD Anderson for the first time. i hate these damn leg spots!

    good luck and best wishes.

  7. Crap! I forgot to come back and comment on your last post, since my crazy family was visiting. It sounds like you’re holding the weight of the world right now – I wish there was something I could do to lighten your load.

    Anyway, here’s hoping you have small scabs that heal quickly and no further surgery necessary. Based on personal experience, about half of my moles look like yours – especially the brand new one that recently appeared on my palm. Do you think I should get that checked? 🙂 I swear – that’s the only place that ALWAYS gets the sunscreen. WTF?

    Wishing you the best…

  8. Good luck, DD – I’ll be thinking of you as well. It’s no fun how long it takes mature skin to heal, as I know all too well from experience.

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