Moon Walker

Lucky you. Bedrest means I can update.

And oddly, now that I have the time, I don’t have much to say. Maybe it’s because I’m distracted by my DVR’d Desperate Housewives.

Still crazy sore. My palms and shoulders hurt from bracing my weight on the walker. Did I mention I’m using a walker?!

I finally got some good news just a bit ago. The second mole biopsied from my left foot came back negative for melanoma. Yippee! And the wide excision on the right leg’s tissue also came back negative. Double yippee!!

Did you know there’s a right and a wrong way to put together a walker? The wrong way means that when you try to go through standard width doorways, you can scratch and gouge up the woodwork. As the picture shows, the wheels are currently on the inside of the walker. That was after Sparring Partner repositioned them from the outside. Just in case you ever have to use a walker.

I have also improved my moonwalking via the walker. Our master bath has a separate commode area and there’s no room for me to go forward into it and then turn around. Oh no. I have to back in. And since I can’t put full weight on either foot, I moonwalk. To the toilet.

I. Am. Awesome.

Also, I’m a bit looped on my meds. Wish you were here!

13 thoughts on “Moon Walker”

  1. Leave it to DD to make having to use a walker at 40 and being grateful there isn’t MORE melanoma (than the ones already found), funny and charming. Love you. And glad the additional biopsies came out clean.

  2. Great news on the test results! Big sigh of relief here in Wisconsin, must be why it is so windy today. 😉
    Thanks for the walker picture however we still need to see YOU with IT. 😉 The boy child can get that picture for us, can’t he?

  3. The thought of drug induced you moonwalking in the bathroom cracks my shit up!

    Awesome news on the negative biopsies. Return to your regularly scheduled DVR’d episodes and enjoy your drugs.

  4. Saw the one negative on FB, and a second negative is even better. But I’d like to see the moonwalking too!

    So what you’re saying is…not only does it hurt to sit on the toilet, you get to humiliate yourself getting there too?

    Feel better soon!

  5. I had no idea walkers had wheels – I thought they only had yellow tennis balls on the bottom. Who knew? I second Summer in her yay for the double negative!

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