*Tickle Tickle!*

I have graduated from the walker to crutches.

I have also promoted myself from socks to croc (just one since the other foot is still wrapped and splinted), thanks to the removal of what must have been nearly 53 yards of wadded up gauze from the arch of my foot which was replaced with a simple gauze pad.

If this is how the “small” surgery site looks, I can’t wait to see the wide excision. Should be quite goryrific!

6 thoughts on “*Tickle Tickle!*”

  1. Good Lord. All that to remove that harmless mole? I think of you daily, DD, as I examine each and every mole on my body. While I haven’t been so great about sunscreen as an adult, I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t discover the beauty of a suntan until I was in my late 20’s. Make that 30’s. Frankly, I don’t remember. That’s what happens when you hit 50.

    1. Karen, part of my follow-up will be mole-checks every six months. Even if you are low risk, I strongly recommend anyone who has moles of any size to get theirs mapped by a dermatologist. Especially if you have insurance.

      My SIL said something rather ignorant when I told her about the MM. She said that she was surprised because we didn’t get CLOSE to the same amount of sun they get in S.C. I responded by telling her that people in Alaska get skin cancer, everyone’s at risk. Of course, everything in S.C. is bigger, faster, taller, smaller, hotter, colder, prettier, uglier, etc., etc., according to my SIL in comparison to Nebraska, which she considers the State of Ignorance and Hillbillies.

      1. How can anyone from SC consider ANYPLACE else the state of Ignorance and Hillbillies? Having driven through there, oh boy oh boy. That’s where the term Bubba had to originate.

        Glad you are feeling better, DD. And awesome that the pathology came back the way it did!

  2. WTF? Did they use a chainsaw for that? Holy Crap! And OUCH! And does that ever make my skin crawl…

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, moonwalker.

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