Instead of Pictures…

Maybe once it starts to heal up and not look like a giant eel took a bite out of my leg and left a black, festering wound, I’ll post pictures here. However, until then I figure it might be easier on the eye (and stomach) to just post the link to a new set I created on my Flickr account.

Yes, I have Flickr. Don’t you? And if you do, how come I’m not stalking you there as well?? Uppity asshole.

This is the link then. Now you have a choice and sometimes even the simple choices are really nice to have.

My Cancer: A set on Flickr.

20 thoughts on “Instead of Pictures…”

    1. A mole that I noticed had changed recently. I’ve had it for years, but after showing it to a couple of friends, including one who had a similar one removed and malignant, I made an appointment with the dermatologist.

  1. DD,
    It will never look completely normal, but it will look better. It will take time but some of it will fill out and it will look better. I’m sorry that you weren’t better prepared for this. It’s one of the downfalls of my profession. We see things like this all the time but don’t always remember to tell the patient what to expect.

    Getting in the shower is actually a good thing. Let the water run on it. Helps the healing process.

    1. I would wait at least a year before thinking of reconstruction. You may find that as it heals more it will be not as bad as it is now.

  2. This is like a train wreck….you don’t want to look, but yet, you can’t look away. When I was talking about making sure the margins were clear, I never expected those margins to become HUGE.

    I have a thought about reconstruction. Since obviously it would be ridiculously expensive, find out if you have a medical university within a couple hours of you. If so, you could very easily become a “teaching case” and have it all done for free. (The doctors that would be doing the work are not “just residents” working on their MD, they are MD’s working on their Fellowships in plastic surgery. Just a thought.

    If that fails, you can design/ invent a snazzy divot cover that you could patent, and sell to other MM survivors. (hey, my small business brain simply cannot be turned off 😉

    If anything good will come from this….you have convinced everyone to use sunscreen and have their skin checked. No kidding.

  3. Ouch. Poor you. I had no idea they would go out so far. But its good and gone and that must be good. I hate that you are going to be out of pocket for this. Hopefully there is stuff that can improve it in time.

  4. Duuuude…those are some margins! Fuuuck that looks painful. Although, I have to say, I hate the ones with the stapled sponge the most. Ouch ouch ouch. But I’m glad they’ve got everything (and then some!) and that the other one came out non-cancerous. I’m not even sure what you do with that large chunk of skin missing…but at least it’s fall instead of the beginning of shorts/skirts season. I hope you enjoyed your shower.

  5. Holy C! is that hole in the back of your leg what it looks like now?!!! Good thing we’re moving into winter time … that would have been un-bare-able through the spring and summer.

  6. Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. I think I’d be feeling a bit faint too. I guess I was imagining something maybe an inch in diameter, not a soda can. zowie! I hope that it heals relatively quickly. Is it supposed to look like the rest of your leg eventually?

    1. Nico, I doubt that it will ever fill out enough to be unnoticeable when I bare that leg. My husband said maybe later we can look into seeing if they can improve the appearance, but I don’t know why he would even suggest it considering that by the time we are all said and done with this, we will be OOP over fifteen grand on one income. Ever the optimist, he is.

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