Lucky Moe…

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I know how I react when I see others doing it (pulling my face into a very unflattering grimace, thankyouverymuch), but dammit, sometimes it’s good to practice a little self-discipline even when no one really gives a flying, poopy monkey butt.

I vow to keep them short. Not short and sweet because that would go against my very nature.

So, for my first post of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) (Naw. Blow Po’ Moe), I’ll tell you about our Halloween weekend where Aitch was Tinker Bell and Doodicus was a Petulant Ass.

In other words, I copped out and bought the first costume that meant the least amount of work with Aitch. I mean, really? Tinker Bell?? She’s a two-year old, blonde, blue-eyed toddler. Wow! What a stretch!

As for the Petulant Ass? Well, he told me earlier in the week that he didn’t want to trick-r-treat and surprisingly, he didn’t change his mind. I asked him if he still wanted to celebrate Christmas. He just shrugged his shoulders. It emphasized the zit I saw on his nose. Yeah. A zit. He’s 8 and 11/12 years old. Holy hell. Fine, it might have been a clogged pore, but the coincidence is uncanny.

6 thoughts on “Lucky Moe…”

  1. My 12-yr old was too cool for a costume at the zoo, but did consent to half of last year’s zombie costume for a quick pass down my parent’s street…

  2. Think maybe it’s the meds? I know that when I’m on anything, I’m so damn ambivalent to everything. I hate it.

    And if so, maybe we can give them to every fucking high schooler in my neighborhood, who are clearly TOO DAMN OLD to go trick-or-treating. They don’t even stop their conversations with their friends while they hold out their bags.

  3. I actually managed to do less work than you for halloween this year – both boys wore last year’s costumes. Their idea, though.

    I bet she looked darling as Tinkerbell!

  4. Yep, that’s about the same age Niko started getting the occasional zit – the poor thing. I didn’t start until after both my kids were born – perfect skin until 22. I’ve made up for it more than twice fold, I assure you. Lucky fucking me.

    Funny, my husband was a petulant ass for Halloween as well … we should compare costumes.

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