2 of 30: Revenge is Sweeter When It Doesn’t Involve Revenge

I was talking to my friend who still works for my former employer about my crazy stalker and former fellow employee. She said to me on the phone, “She’s up for a second interview…” and I tuned out the rest. Supposedly she was being groomed to be the new Controller as the old one, my boss, had been promoted up the sewer line. I was livid. She’s a psycho!

I pulled up an old file on my computer. The screen shots from her facebook page that I had saved from what feels like eons ago. Even now, I flushed in fury at how careless and idiotic she was to say some of the things she had in a public forum, her pages now private, but then? Damning to the point of immediate termination if they were ever exposed to the employer.

I so badly wanted to print the file and mail it anonymously to my former boss knowing that he would not only kick her out of running for the position, he would send her ass packing. As much as I wanted to, and if you don’t know the history, believe me when I tell you, It Was Bad, I knew morally that I would feel like a shit for doing so.

Later, I met with my friend, and while I normally try to avoid talking about my former employer and all related, it came up anyway. My friend said she really was hoping Psycho get the job because she’s been such a bitch lately. I asked how her becoming the boss would make her any less of a bitch. My friend looked at me funny and said that she wouldn’t be HER boss. She was up for a second interview for a position at The Metro, 100 miles away. I had misunderstood; made assumptions.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t have to worry about sweet revenge. In fact, suddenly I was enjoying the view from a moral high road and told my friend I would say a prayer for Psycho and hope that she got the job.

Hey, that’s still a moral high road. Don’t try to convince me otherwise or my head will explode.

3 thoughts on “2 of 30: Revenge is Sweeter When It Doesn’t Involve Revenge”

  1. It’s better to take the moral high ground. I firmly believe that people get their paybacks in life – it may not always be apparent to you, and they will always wonder what they did to deserve the things they got, but they’ll get theirs. I’m hoping that I’m through paying for all the crappy behavior I engaged in when I was younger…and I wasn’t even that bad!

  2. Your road is higher than mine.

    I was about to offer up my services, have you mail it to me, and I would mail it from here….they would have no idea where it came from.

    Yeah…I would do that for my friends.

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