3 of 30: Batbaby

While I was recovering from my surgery, my Kindle was an almost permanent fixture in my hand only set aside when the percocet had kicked in. In that time, I had finished the third in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I then decided I need a break from Diana’s heroine, Claire Randall, as I found her excessively whiney and lacking any common-sense.

So I thought I would see what the big deal about Twilight was and within a couple of days made it through three of the four books. And once again, the heroine, Bella, made me roll my eyes and grit my teeth more than I care to admit. It seemed like I liked ALL the other characters, EXCEPT for her which is the only way I can explain why I kept reading them.

I haven’t downloaded the fourth book, Breaking Dawn onto my Kindle as of yet. I can’t help but look at the reviews and in doing so discover that Bella ends up pregnant in book number four.

(Ooops. Spoiler alert. One sentence too late. My bad.)

I was like, whatthefuck?! How could a vampire get a human pregnant? Doesn’t the sperm require blood and isn’t it considered “fluid” and in the past, no “fluid” has been noted coming (pardon the pun) from a vampire when they were shredded by the werewolves. I mean, COME ON!

And then I realized I was trying to figure the logistics of a purely mythical and fantasy- based creature getting a human pregnant.


I think I now know why I don’t like Claire or Bella. We must be too much alike.