3 of 30: Batbaby

While I was recovering from my surgery, my Kindle was an almost permanent fixture in my hand only set aside when the percocet had kicked in. In that time, I had finished the third in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I then decided I need a break from Diana’s heroine, Claire Randall, as I found her excessively whiney and lacking any common-sense.

So I thought I would see what the big deal about Twilight was and within a couple of days made it through three of the four books. And once again, the heroine, Bella, made me roll my eyes and grit my teeth more than I care to admit. It seemed like I liked ALL the other characters, EXCEPT for her which is the only way I can explain why I kept reading them.

I haven’t downloaded the fourth book, Breaking Dawn onto my Kindle as of yet. I can’t help but look at the reviews and in doing so discover that Bella ends up pregnant in book number four.

(Ooops. Spoiler alert. One sentence too late. My bad.)

I was like, whatthefuck?! How could a vampire get a human pregnant? Doesn’t the sperm require blood and isn’t it considered “fluid” and in the past, no “fluid” has been noted coming (pardon the pun) from a vampire when they were shredded by the werewolves. I mean, COME ON!

And then I realized I was trying to figure the logistics of a purely mythical and fantasy- based creature getting a human pregnant.


I think I now know why I don’t like Claire or Bella. We must be too much alike.

7 thoughts on “3 of 30: Batbaby”

  1. Twilight makes me want to shoot myself in the forehead. Having a “tween” girl in my house means that I have been subjected to the movies repeatedly, and am begged again and again and again to purchase the novels. Which I just can’t bring myself to do… the only solace I can take in the whole situation is that my daughter was FURIOUS that Bella picked Edward over Jacob. Hooray for her having at least THAT bit of common sense. Oi… did I just talk about Twilight and common sense in the same sentence… geeze- time to book that lobotomy I’ve been needing for a while now!!!

  2. My comment about Twilight was that I thought it was written about a 16 year old girl…not by a 16 year old girl. I read the first book and that was it.

    In spite of this…it must be good for you if you’re suspending disbelief enough to consider the logistics.

  3. I haven’t picked up my Kindle in weeks (shame.). I’m so busy vegging in front of the TV to focus on a book. Maybe it’s the book; I’m reading “The Fall” by Guillermo Del Toro, the follow-up to The Strain. It’s not really grabbing me.

  4. Did you read the Hunger Games series? It was very good, and it is complete. You might also like the Vampire Academy series. The first half of the first book is a little tough to get into, but the rest of it is great and the heroine is much more likable than Bella, and she isn’t a vampire. There is one more book in this series, but it comes out in December, so the wait won’t be too long.

  5. I’m in the 4th installment on the Outlander series right now in my kindle. All I can say is trouble follows them constantly. That gets me more than the whining. I took the 4th Twilight with me to the hospital when I went in to be induced with Ciera, and never opened it, she shot out so fast. I finally read it a year later, and only because the person who lent it to me wanted it back. It was the only one in the series I liked.

  6. I haven’t read the Outlander series yet but I am SO very glad that someone besides me felt that way about that oh so loved Bella. I forced myself to finish reading the last two books, by book 2 I was so over the whining and drama. I just kept saying, “Bite her already Edward! Maybe she will shut the hell up.” Everyone I have talked to about those books just looked at me like I was crazy to not totally think that Bella was wonderful. Guess that kind of tells you the type of people I have around me in real life. I much prefer you and all my other friends in the computer as we all kind of think the same way. 😉
    I need new friends in real life apparently. 😉 Hugs and Kisses to you my wonderful friend in the computer. I know too many smiley faces, sorry I can’t stop!

  7. I have to admit that I kinda liked the Twilight books – they happened at a good time for me when a distraction was greatly needed. However, now that I know Bella gets knocked up in #4 – I probably won’t be reading it. I don’t need my distractions upping me.

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