7 of 30: Exhaltation

It’s been an awesome weekend so far and Sunday just started! Lots of great news but really can’t disclose much of it, at least for now. No, I didn’t get a job. No, I didn’t win a lottery. Don’t ask me about work or money unless you want to be buzz killers.

Before I share, a couple of weeks ago when I was still limping around, the doorbell rang. Doodicus looked out the front door when I asked who it was and he said he didn’t know. Strangers in these here parts are rare. (Now, reread that with a southern drawl.) I painfully limped to the door to see a woman standing there. I opened the door and saw she was holding a couple of buckets full of brushes and rags and she had a swiffer in the other hand.

I couldn’t believe it! Someone had surprised me with a housecleaning since they knew I was laid up! My husband? My in-laws (doubtful, but possible…)? Who, who, who??!

“Are you Amy?”

My mental happy dance stopped abruptly. “Erm…Amy? No, I’m not. But what’s Amy’s last name?”

She told me but I pretty much knew the answer before she said it. Amy and her husband, my cousin, had just built a new house exactly one mile from us. They would definitely be the types to hire a cleaning lady. Damn.

We chatted for a bit and I joked how Amy’s new house shouldn’t require a cleaning already; that they had just moved in so if she wanted to start here first…I was only half-kidding.

Now, my good news?

No, I didn’t get a housekeeper! Stop trying to guess!

I found out this weekend that my stalker/ex-coworker accepted a position in The Metro, two hours away. I will never have to see their stupid Acadia, which has made me want to key every Acadia I have ever walked by in a parking lot, ever again as they do not have family here. She will never become my friends’ boss. She will never be someone I have to think about running into at the mall or grocery store. I don’t care if the job she accepted is better than the one here. I don’t care if she’s making more money. I am THRILLED that she’ll finally be gone.

I am also thrilled that I won’t have to send her boss copies of her facebook postings but I still would love to send them to her with a note, “Even though you couldn’t keep your big mouth shut, be thankful that I could.”