8 of 30: Trading Spaces

We’ve been living in our house for 5 years. We did not go whole-hog when we built by financing everything down to the ninth throw pillows on the bed. Instead we tackle interiors and landscaping one room/section at a time.

Most of you have seen the exterior of our home and probably envision the interior to be finished with lovely textures and colors and knickknacks up the ass, but really it’s as dull as dirt. No room is really finished. The closest is the kitchen but even that is awaiting some finishing I’ve been wanting to do since we moved in.

The windows in question are at the back.

This year, Sparring Partner and I have agreed to purchase window treatments for the living room as a Christmas gift to each other. When we selected the windows and their trim, we originally thought we didn’t want to put any treatments on the windows. We didn’t need to worry about privacy and we didn’t want to hamper the one of a kind view. However, as time has passed, we realize that we need to soften up the wall that is now all glass and mission-style trim.

The Front Yard

I love pattern and I have a very eclectic, but sometimes-traditional style. My husband is not crazy about bright colors or big patterns, but the room can easily handle both as it has an 18 foot vaulted ceiling. The only limitation in color we have is that it must coordinate with the wall color, a dove grey. I do not plan on painting for a very, very long time. The furniture is temporary: until the kids are older (leather is a godsend when you have young kids).

So now I’m looking for your suggestions on type of treatments for the windows below. I’m leery of anything that would require damaging the wood, but whatever can be put on the wall directly is fair game. Actually, any ideas would be welcome. You might envision something I never would have thought of on my own.

9 thoughts on “8 of 30: Trading Spaces”

  1. I’m no use either… it took me almost 10 yrs to get mini-blinds up in the bedroom!

    Now we finally have ’em throughout the house, but why cover up that beautiful woodwork??

  2. yeah see I think you’re approaching this all wrong.

    never mind hanging crap on the walls that will just invite spiders to build webs that while attractive to some in the goth community really just spell death to any remaining libido you may have.

    My suggestion is both frugal, as well as being very conscious of your changing seasons. (which I may add stupid wall hangings are not aware of dumb inanimate objects that can’t change to the suit the season).

    Santa snow in a can spray that sucker on in floral stencils for spring, snowflakes for your eternal winters, jazz it up and put a festive sun on for that one day of summery goodness you get each year, and fall hell just stick some random leaves to squirts of santa snow and you’re set.

    Really I should charge you for these ideas but my friend Martha said giving is so much better than receiving, she’s a lying bint btw, ever NOT gotten a xmas pressie Martha? yeah I thought not.

  3. I could send you some huge tapestries with my lovely face on them? NO?
    Perhaps some posterboard with pictures of my kids?
    I agree with those who said the windows are gorgeous and too nice to cover very much – perhaps some sheers with my family photos imprinted on them?

  4. I’d either go for valances or some fancier sheer panels (something that lets light in, and where you can still see the view). Whichever option you decide on, I’d go with a more ornate curtain rod to coordinate with the windows.

  5. Wow that view!! Your house looks huge and in the middle of a plot the size of a country to this city dweller!

    As to the windows I would put blinds not curtains.

  6. Love the windows. Love the outside of your house and that porch, oh my, the porch.

    We have no window coverings either. Mainly because our house is out in the middle of nothing also.

  7. I suck ass at window treatments (my windows have dept store panels on plain rods, and that’s a very new departure from mini-blinds), but I did want to comment on how much I love your windows! The wood is gorgeous and I love the double hungs flanking the big solid panes.

  8. I love the woodwork and I wouldn’t cover it. We have some nice trim around our windows, and just put up some sheers with tension rods for a little privacy. I guess, as others have suggested on FB, that you could get a nice decorative rod and some of those window scarf things. I guess I just like things basic, and therefore am of no use. 🙂

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