17 of 30: Pool Party

Here’s the situation:

Your child has been invited, along with just a couple of other kids, to a pool party at an indoor water park in a hotel. The birthday child’s parents are driving the children there, but it is two hours away. They are also covering all expenses as far as access fees, lunch, etc. While the park is in a hotel, they will not be staying overnight.

Would you let your child go? What concerns would you have?

16 thoughts on “17 of 30: Pool Party”

  1. I would let my hypothetical children go. I grew up 1 1/2 hours from the nearest fun thing so we’d take my friend to the zoo and I would go with her up to Tucson for shopping or whatever since I was little.

  2. I am a little confused. Why are they going so far? Kids that are will be satisfied with cake in somebody’s kitchen.

    Water and cars are dangerous. Plus I like a good water park myself, so I would probably just say I’d drive my kid there and help out with the supervision.

  3. If I knew the parents reasonably well, I would let him go. For example, if our next-door neighbor asked about something like that, I would say yes without hesitating—we’ve known them for 7 years and P and their oldest are best friends. But if it was just a kid from his class and I didn’t know the kid’s parents well, I would say no.

  4. He seems a little young to go without you, but it would depend on how well you know the parents, how well he can swim, and how comfortable you are with it.

  5. Probably not till he was older.

    Even then, I would have to know the parents well enough to know that while the kids are swimming/sliding etc that they weren’t relaxing somewhere sipping on some adult beverages.

    Though, after a 2 hour drive there and all day at a water-park, I would be more concerned about fatigue driving home. But, I am a worry-wort and my kids never had any fun.

    I would also find out how bent Dood was on going. If it is a shoulder shrug, then it’s a no-brainer no. If he is begging and pleading that his life will be over if he can’t go, then see the above comment about knowing the parents.

    I’m no help am I?

  6. I probably would not let me DS go or I would tell the other mom that I want to drive him separately and I’d go too. Also, how good of a swimmer is your DS?

  7. Also, it would depend on the other kids invited and D.’s relationship with them (e.g., leader/follower).

    The party does seem a little “old” for kids of this age… more on the level of 12-year-old boys.

  8. You answer lies in the fact that you’re asking questions. I personally wouldn’t allow Sam to go without Steve or I…even with good friends. Fact is, nobody is going to watch your kid like you will.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity! We have Great Wolf Lodge near us & I have let Z select ONE friend to accompany him, since it’s an expensive “staycation”…

    They will have a fantastic time (the kids, not necessarily the parents 😉

  10. Hmmm. Sounds like hell for the parents — 4-hour roundtrip with 4 kids — but if you think D. is safe in the water and you trust the parents to keep a close eye on all kids and not let them get away not wearing lifejackets or with horsing around in a wave pool, which kids are prone to doing, then I think I’d let him go. I wouldn’t let I & N go to a hotel pool party without lifeguards, but a properly staffed waterpark is quite different.

  11. How well do you know the parents? I know the place you are referring to and they do have lifeguards, are you comfortable with Doodicus’ swimming abilities? I would just be concerned about the drive and the water aspect (but I also have a 3 year old and my frame of reference for water stuff is way different than with an older child). I would let my child go if I knew the parents to be responsible and I was comfortable with my child’s swimming ability (though they have life jackets there and lifeguards so that helps).

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