18 of 30: The Poop on the Pool-Party (with hyphenated emphasis)

I intentionally misled you with the last post. Doodicus wasn’t invited to a pool party. We are the ones (possibly) hosting it. I believe if I asked, “Dood wants to have an indoor water/pool party but the closest amenities are two hours away. Would you let your child attend?” you may not have answered as honestly if you had answered at all.

This idea came about because Dood didn’t get a birthday party last year. All the snow put people off, rightfully so. So this year I told Dood that if he wanted to do something extra special, including this pool party, we would make arrangements. At first he wasn’t too into the idea. He was leaning towards a pool/laser-tag party at the local Y, common birthday party faire for around here during the cold weather seasons.

Last week I asked one last time what he wanted to do and he had changed his mind. He’d rather invite two or three friends for a day at the water park than invite a dozen friends for laser-tag. I told him that I would have to talk to the parents first to see if it was something they would allow, just so he wouldn’t get his hopes up only to be dashed when the parents ended up feeling the same as most of you, per your comments.

However, I was pleasantly surprised and especially relieved when both boys’ mothers responded positively to the prospect. While I like the idea of an even number of kids in a group, I think three in this kind of situation is going to be enough to make it fun for Doodicus and not overwhelming for us.

Sorry to be deliberately vague on the last post. Do you think you would have answered EXACTLY the same knowing we were the ones doing the inviting?

4 thoughts on “18 of 30: The Poop on the Pool-Party (with hyphenated emphasis)”

  1. We had a backyard pool, and no one was allowed in it unsupervised until they were 13. But my nephew, who is 11 and swims very well, is at the pool without my sister all the time. So, my answer is the same regardless. As I am sort of helicopter-y, I would probably “volunteer” to go along and help supervise, unless my girl had done that kind of thing before. I hope you all have a great time!

  2. I didn’t comment on the last post, because I didn’t know what I would do and how I would feel about it. After having read this post, I realize now that it would have depended on who the parents were and the relationship my kid had with the birthday boy. I think maybe that is why the two kids’ parents responded positively? They know you and SP would be responsible and felt comfortable with the arrangements even though it was 2 hours away.

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