19 of 30: One Crazy Mutha (and it’s not me)

A Chuck E. Cheese costume character
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Wow. Everyone got so serious. Sheesh. A total stranger hit upon something in her comment left on the NaBloPoMo, which was this: sometimes parents can get – I don’t want to use the word desperate, but yes – desperate for something our kids can do. Where we live, we don’t have a Chuck E. Cheese’s or a Bounce U or a children’s museum  or whatever populated urban areas have. We have cornhusk dolls and rocks, people! So when my kid gets an opportunity to do something outside of playing on the swingless playground at school or watching his little sister climb the rubberized lion on the 20×20 play area in the mall, we’re going to go for it. And so will his friends.

Wow. I sound a little defensive and indignant, don’t I?

Here’s something to lighten the mood (and change the subject). My congratulations if you can get through the entire clip.

3 thoughts on “19 of 30: One Crazy Mutha (and it’s not me)”

  1. It sounds like a fun idea for a party. I’d just bring more supervisors because I am anal retentive. And I don’t have any boys. Plus, it’s not so uncommon – my niece and nephew have both gone to overnight hotel pool parties…because the bounce places are just too common and Chuck E Cheese is for little kids (note: moms accompany them on the overnight pool parties).

  2. If everyone can swim and there is plenty of supervision I say go for it! We had a pool in our house which my sister and I swam unsupervised (my mum cant swim) in from when we were about 6 so after that any level of supervision sounds ok to me.

  3. We live in an urban area with plenty of kids’ stuff and I have still driven 2+ hours for activities so my kid can have different experiences. I’m all for adventure!

    BTW when is this excursion happening – we are going to be in the metro next Th-M for Thanksgiving.

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