24 of 30: Reflection

There’s a woman who is from Belgium that is part of this temp group I’m with.

Preggo asked Belgium, “What are you doing for Thanksgiving?”

Belgium replies, “I don’t have plans; it’s not something I celebrate”.

“Why not?” asks Preggo.

“Because it’s an American holiday.”

“Huh. You learn something new everyday, don’t you?”

By the way, Preggo is taking a year off from being a teacher while she completes her gestation.

What does it say about me, that I am this idiot’s equal?


If you are traveling by car this weekend, or you have friends and family hitting the roads, please share this.

Embrace Life.

5 thoughts on “24 of 30: Reflection”

  1. I would bet my left arm that she isn’t a “real” teacher. If she is, I pray it isn’t in your school district.

    Sadly I don’t think she can blame even this on pregnancy brain. It sounds like this is her permanent condition.

  2. I work with a lot of international companies and a few years ago we were on a deadline and one of my coworkers was concerned that we wouldn’t get a reply from my contact in Germany over Thanksgiving because *they* would be closed.

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