27 of 30: Quickie

Quick! Sparring Partner just drove into town to get me my mocha so I’m going to get in a quickee

(teehee, I said quickie!)

Trying to brine the 21# turkey that was in the freezer for the past year. Even though it was transferred tot he fridge 4 days ago, the giblets (aka. the neck!) were still frozen inside. It could be a disaster, but it doesn’t matter. Saturday and all is open. We can order a delivery ppizza if all else fails.

Sorry for the grammatical errors. no time to fix or alter since he’ll rip me a new one if he catches me. NaBloPoMo be damned!

I swear there was something else I wante dot tell you but now I can’t remember….only a few more of these damn posts left for November and then I swear I’m going to take 6 months off. I don’t know why I do them since I know most of the posts suck.I’d ask for your forgiveness except obviously you forgave me suckiness ages ago or else you would keep coming back.

Wish us luck that the turkey doesn’t explode like in the scene from that movie with Chevy Chase…not Monty Python’s Christmas…jeus what the fuck was it called?!  No time to google gotta go bai!!

3 thoughts on “27 of 30: Quickie”

  1. National Lampoon! Christmas Vacation! (although, I’ve never actually seen that movie).

    Anyway, hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving (again). I hope your turkey doesn’t explode. How does one get one’s husband to drive somewhere to get them a drink? Mine will bring me water from the kitchen, but that’s about it. 🙂

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