28 of 30: It Shouldn’t Be a Secret

Today I was catching up with my reader, and since it’s Sunday, the weekly addition to PostSecrets was there waiting for me. It happens on occasion that a secret will appear that is infertility or miscarriage related that seems to always strike a chord of commiseration with me. Sadly, today, there was another one that was related to secondary infertility, something I know all TOO well.

This one infuriates me almost beyond words.

Thank goodness he’s at peace with his secret; with his life-altering decision. But obviously his wife will be forever altered negatively as it will be her that moves forward in life believing herself to be the failure in their quest to expand their family.

This husband is a nutless wonder, both literally and figuratively. “…getting it regularly…” is where his priority lies while every CD1 his wife probably quietly sobs in the bathroom out of earshot of their only child and wonders why god has punished her.

I hope she ends up in an affair and gets pregnant.

And for anyone who thinks as a couple’s infertility testing is expensive? Might I recommend a semen analysis (SA), which can cost anywhere between $100 – 200. Ironically, the least expensive diagnostic testing when it comes to infertility is the testing available to men. Maybe someday soon, the wife in this relationship will realize this.

14 thoughts on “28 of 30: It Shouldn’t Be a Secret”

  1. Wow this is crazy! I’ve heard of people having dark secrets, but can we say pit of hell shade of black? Goodness!

    This type of secret is not an oops, will never happen again (although a lot of those are can be pretty bad too), this is a secret that affects his wife everyday.

    I will definitely want to delve into this further, analytically. Thanks for the tip, and when I talk about it I will reference this post and email you 🙂

    I wish there was a way to contact his wife, if I had super detective skills I would.

  2. how heartbreaking for that woman. While he’s congratulating himself on being a big clever man I hope she’s starting to wonder about having a chat with her local doc.

    arsehole karma is a beautiful thing.

  3. I could have saved him the money spent on the vas with a really nice baseball bat I have in the garage! Too violent? Must be that time of the month.

  4. My blood boiled when I read the PS yesterday and saw this one.

    My. Asshole. Brother. Did. This. I cannot even tell you how much I wanted to follow-up with a complete castration when I heard. Yes, they ARE divorced now. I don’t know why, but I hope she found out. He did it when she was out of town visiting her family for a week. (I had only met her briefly and didn’t know about the vas until later, or I would have found a way to let her know what a shithead he was).

    I truly hope that this mans wife reads Post Secret and the little light bulb in her head lights up.

  5. I don’t even know what to say! Who does he think he is to mess with her life like that, to toy with her emotions and act like such a smug bastard about it all? I want to kick him right in the nuts.

  6. That one pissed me off beyond words. How he lives with himself for putting his wife through hell every month so that he can “get some” is something I can’t imagine. I hope she says “I’ve been saving so that we can get an SA done” and then the truth comes out…and she leaves him because he is slime.

  7. The endless perfidy of men never ceases to amaze me… Although I am scratching my head in mild confusion… There IS a scar, albeigh a small one? but I guess their intimacy doesn’t go that far.
    A part of me (the hopeful part) would nevertheless like to believe that it’s simply very black humor on his part – I can relate!

  8. I read that this morning and it pissed me off first thing. I thought about it all through church.

    I keep hoping she lands a fantastic job with health insurance where fertility testing is covered…

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