Mrs. Soup

Mrs. Soup’s husband, who is ONLY 27, suffered a life-altering stroke.

It doesn’t matter that you may not know Mrs. Soup or her family; it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the “right thing” to say. It can only matter that you stop by her blog and pass on your positive thoughts or prayers so Mr. Soup can come home, pick up his little girl, and hold her close in both his strong arms – very soon.

3 thoughts on “Mrs. Soup”

  1. I found you through the comments on Kathy’s Blog (Mrs Soup). I have been reading her blog for years and have also been connected through facebook. My heart is broken for her and now I found out about her home.

    I am trying to ‘rally the troops’ and help her family have the happiest holidays they can. I want to offer my Etsy shop and all the proceeds from it during December. Would you be willing to post a link and talk about this fundraiser of sorts?

    Please let me know! email me at Katie dot reints at gmail dot com


  2. I can’t tell you how many lives I have seen change in a matter of moments. Working in the emergency department for many years I saw people who got up in the morning, started their day, and by the end of the day their lives were changed forever.

    Sometimes we need to stop and realize that we truly need to appreciate every day…hell, every hour. In our family we hug a lot, we always end phone calls with I love you (and mean it) and just try to find something good or funny to make every day a decent one. I don’t want to be that person or family member sitting in the ER wondering if I made it clear how I felt about my kids, or left anything unsaid.

  3. It seems like lately the blogs I am finding through things like this are dealing with rough times and tragedies. Ugh. I clicked through and commented with prayers and good thoughts.

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