My Daughter Was Five Months Old Two Years Ago

Let’s revisit the whole work and lack thereof issue again, shall we?

In two weeks I will be once again sleeping in, eating bon bons and watching soaps all day. I can hardly wait. In two weeks, I will basically be celebrating two full years of unemployment. You have no idea how almost sick to my stomach I get when I think about how utterly stupid I was for failing to see how good I really had it at the stupid hospital. I honestly thought my wage was pathetic. I thought my benefits were paltry.

This last temp job has sucked my will to live right out of me. The only positive it has offered is that I finish up in time to pick up the kids from daycare/school and go home. Preggo has long left the building, which all I can say to that is THANK GOD! I never told you the story she shared with us on one of her last days about her first pregnancy: she and her mom found out that they were pregnant at the same time.

Oh, yes. You read that right.

She then went on to say how her mother went in for her 14 week ultrasound, her first prenatal appointment after finding out she was pregnant, and her baby had died weeks earlier. Of course Preggo said, “It was for the best.”

I thought that finally the office would become a quiet, if not dull, place to continue working. Then Snake took over Preggo’s desk. Snake was what ADHD looks like in a 26 year old man, specifically sudden outbursts of irrelevant and inappropriate statements including the time he called for the attention of the supervisor by asking loudly across the room, “Kassie, is it OK for me to totally dislike my kid’s mother?”

I watched the supervisor as she tried to stutter out a response before I interrupted with, “I hardly think Kassie is in any position to voice an opinion if she doesn’t even know her.”

Snake continued to get on my nerves and finally one day after watching him check his email, read the news on the computer we were assigned for this temp assignment, and send a hundred (I am not exaggerating in my guess) text messages on his phone, I informed a supervisor since we had been instructed on day one that our computers were not to be used for personal reasons. Yes, it was petty and obviously a case of me not minding my own damn business, but seriously, I could hardly concentrate what with keeping track of him (of course that’s sarcasm). The next day, Snake was moved to a station next to the supervisor who could monitor him more closely.

My new neighbor was an emo-type girl with too long of hair and unkempt hair who only spoke when she needed something from a supervisor. There was no idle talk or chit-chat, which suited me perfectly. Unfortunately, the comfortable silence I enjoyed must have been too much for a couple of the other temps who made fun of customers’ names or their addresses or made overt attempts to kiss the supervisor’s ass by asking about her drive to work; her kids’ sports; the office party; whatever. It didn’t matter as long as they could hear themselves talk.

So it would seem I just may not be suitable employee material. Everyone and everything annoys the shit out of me. I think I am better than they are; that the work is beneath me. And yet, their reasons for being there are because they are leaving for school soon or extra holiday spending money or newly retired. I am there because I can’t find something better. And the dislike and annoyance I have for them is really just me projecting the dislike and annoyance I have with myself.