Ten Weeks Later

I had what is probably my last post-surgical follow-up with the plastic surgeon today. I should note here that the other surgical oncologist never did schedule return appointment with him. That kind of makes him an asshole to me. On the other hand, that kind makes me an asshole as well as I didn’t call him out on it and darken his office doorway.

I didn’t really care for the plastic surgeon when we first met. He seemed a bit standoffiish and impersonal for my liking. However, over the past couple of appointments he has grown on me. My only complaint now with him is that each time I see him, he tells me something he should have told me at the last appointment.

Today he asked me if I was rubbing the scar. No, I answered, should I be? Yes, he said and I should get some silicone gel to rub on it as well. So now I wonder how long I should have been massaging it. Bah.

One side of what I should now call The Scar is still quite tender. As he poke and prodded that side he suddenly gave it a pinch on a particularly inflamed area. Once I climbed back down from the ceiling he told me that I had an ingrown hair and he had opened it up.

Now you see, he does sound like bit of an asshole, doesn’t he? But he’s direct and doesn’t try to schmooze and I think that makes up for everything else. He asked what I was doing for Christmas and when I asked him, he easily told me about his four children – mostly adult-aged but single – and how they would all be home this weekend.

I took advantage of him and asked him if he thought I’d be a good candidate for restylane to help my “smile” lines and the dark bags under my eyes. He wheeled his stool up close to survey my face and said, “You’re not too bad yet…” YET?!!

Ok, so he could have left off that little word. I still kind of like him.

Updated pictures are on my Flickr page.

6 thoughts on “Ten Weeks Later”

  1. I still say you could pull of the rockin biker chick with the Harley exhaust scar.

    (I am also going to show your before pix to my boys so they know that little teensy things can turn out to be not so fun and they can’t ignore them. You are almost like a walking public service announcement)

  2. Okay, I have had an ingrown hair “opened up” during a wax before and that crap hurts. At least I always had warning and could steel myself to it. Having no warning would definitely flip me out.

    Why can’t they ever leave off the “yet”??

  3. Looks good.
    Confession: I’ve on occasion just “opened up” things without telling. Usually less anxiety from the patient who will worry and it takes a second. I know, I know. But hey, bet it will feel better!
    It is looking good. Use silicone gel. Can also get Eucerin lotion (no fragrance or extras, just plain Eucerin) and put that on a few times a day.
    Remember that this area will burn much easier than the rest of your leg.

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