Special Delivery

Time for one more bitchy post before Saturday, which in case you didn’t know, is Christmas.

A friend on facebook¬†asked for help in what to tip her mail carrier. Now being a bitter and unemployed ho-bag, I¬†decided to pipe up with “why tip them for doing their job? It’s not like waitressing where they make less than minimum (far from it).”

Another friend responded: “They perform a service to you, and your habits (catalogs, ordering lots of stuff shipped thru the USPS, etc) can make their workload heavier. Anyone whose job regularly provides a service directly to you deserves a small token of acknowledgment at the holidays. Even when he’s a prick.”

Another friend then asked, “What if you consistently don’t get your mail or it goes to the wrong house? should you still give them one?”

The friend who thought they should get a token still felt that they deserved something because it’s the holidays.

Okay, fine. I’ll give in on the idea of giving a gift and ignore the tip concept. But hell no would I ever acknowledge crappy service just because it’s the holidays. You mean they should expect it?? I don’t even think so.

Do you “tip” your mail carrier? I’m talking about the guy who is employed by the United States Postal Services, not your 12-year-old neighbor kid who throws the paper into the bushes. Do you agree that s/he should get something even though they might consistently deliver you mail to the mail box five houses down?

By the way, maybe mail carriers in your area are different from what we have. Our mail carrier drives up and down the streets and pulls up next to the mailbox and without leaving his car, shoves the mail into the mailbox set up next to the road, and then drives away without changing gears.