High Horse

I must not be reading the right blogs because while I’ve read references about bloggers who write about writing too-personal posts, it wasn’t until today that after googling “mommy bloggers too personal” that I actually found a blog specifically written about whether mommy bloggers are getting too personal.

Could I have possibly squeezed in one more “personal” in that sentence?

What annoys me about what I have termed the High Horse Mentality is that it’s coming from big-name bloggers. Big Name bloggers who probably started off anonymous writing under cute pseudonyms who got popular for their writing, then got enough emails to convince them to write a book, which of course required them to write under their real name (because no one is going to pay good money to buy a book with an author’s name like Yo-yo Mama). This always leads to publicly acknowledging that their child’s name is really NOT Doodicus but is indeed Norman, and look! Here’s a picture of Norman naked in the tub/sitting on the potty chair/playing with his Barbies.

And THEN they wonder why they get creepy emails from Lester of the MWLBs.

While I’m on the topic of annoying things bloggers do, here’s a common mistake most bloggers make. In fact, I’ll admit I made it (I makes lots of them…), don’t ever say, “My blog is for ME and I’ll blog what I want!” Wake up. The ONLY blog that is truly written solely for the blog owner is the one set to private. Completely private. Not this private-but-my-family-and-friends-can-read-it, because the pictures and stories that get shared are not for YOU then, now are they?

Blogging has kept me sane over the years, especially during our ART years. I also think blogging is a dying art. I get more feedback on Facebook nowadays then I do here, but I will continue to maintain my blog for a couple of different reasons: 1) there are things I can still say here that I can’t on FB. I am friends with my family, in-laws and classmates there – many times regrettably so; and 2) I find it reassuring that with how things are right now with my son that I am not alone. Who knows what the coming months and years will bring for my daughter.

As for worrying about my kids someday finding my blog? I sincerely hope they do and realize that I wasn’t just “the Mommy”. I am a real person who worried about their future, proudly shared their accomplishments, and really did hate the constant picking up I had to do and that my annoyance wasn’t just for show. If they can’t appreciate that then I guess I could always lie and deny that this blog was about me or them and they need to stop being so damned paranoid.

Ah, the beauty of an anonymous blog.

6 thoughts on “High Horse”

  1. I totally agree that blogging the way it was done before is a lost art, especially with the fame issues, and that with FB its lost being what it was. I know that I keep mine so that I can say things I can’t say on FB, and I try to make mine as private as I can, while still having it open, just by not using anyones names. Mostly because I hate that I think most of my trolls from my old pages were family.

  2. I have actually left my blog address in a place where it will be found by my kids when I am gone (if it happens when blogging is still happening). I want them to see me in the raw…multidimensional..not just “mom”. I will never forget the first time it ever dawned on me that my mother was a woman…not just a mom. It was shocking, horrifying and exciting all at the same time.

    I don’t write things that I don’t feel, so if they can see that side of me, a side they maybe haven’t seen….that’s fine.

  3. Honestly, I feel like the advent of blog readers and Facebook has made blogging a dying art, because most people can just scan through posts and comment only on the ones in which they feel strongly.

    I love having my anonymous blog, though – for all the reasons you mentioned. 🙂

  4. *Clapping* Bravo 🙂 Very well said. I too hope one day my children find my blog. I plan on writing more in the new year.. I know I’ll need the support of my many friends. It’s always nice to know that you are not alone.

  5. My husband insists that I not write anything too personal – especially about him and my daughter – either on my blog or on FB. He even objects to photos of our girl on FB. I’ve never taken posts to which he objects down, but I do try to abide by his wishes. He’s very private anyway, and there is no guarantee of anonymity anywhere. Are people too personal? Maybe – it’s all what you’re comfortable with. I don’t judge. I’m sure there is bound to be spectacular backlashes (a la Dooce getting fired from her job), but I think there is some value in relating personal experiences. Like you said – you find out that you are not alone.

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