Hat Tricks -or- It Really Is All My Fault

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It’s a hat trick of posts about Doodicus! And if you’ve turned my blog into some kind of drinking game where you throw back a jigger of tequila every time I complain about something, seek emergency services for the alcohol poisoning immediately. I will bring sunnier and simpler posts the next time. Promise!

Every Friday the teacher gives her students a list of spelling words to study over the weekend. On Monday they take what is referred to as the pretest. If the student does not get 100%, they have the rest of the week to study and take the “post test” on Friday. In other words, ace the first test and you get a breather for the rest of the week and free time while the rest retake the spelling.

Because I am not the good mom you foolishly perceive me to be, I did not check his homework on Friday. I did not check it on Saturday (I claim the out-of-town defense). On Sunday we decided to review his homework including the spelling words. Spelling words? What spelling words? I don’t think we got spelling words…oh, yeah, we did have spelling words but I forgot the list.

Hey. No big deal. The teacher posts the list on the school’s website. <login> <click here> <click there> <open this window> <open that window> <????> Here’s last week’s list…where’s this weeks? She. Didn’t. Post. Them.

Hey. No big deal. (lather rinse repeat) We’ll just call a classmate and get the list from them. Except we can’t find the school directory. I blame Sparring Partner for throwing it away. He blames me for not checking the bookbag on Friday. Tempers are flaring. I find the teacher’s email address and send her a note to let her know we don’t have the list (if you get nothing else from this post (and I wouldn’t) remember that little tidbit) and could she reply with it. I finally get a hold of one of the mom’s. Oooh, she says, my son has the list with him but he’s with his dad this weekend. Here’s his number…

Now I’m mad at the teacher, my son, my husband, and my son’s classmate’s mom and her stupid divorce! My eyes shoot out of my head, hit the wall opposite and what part of my brain hasn’t liquified by then is pulsing out the now empty sockets.

We finally got a returned phone call and the list of spelling words. We practiced late last night and again this morning.

Everything’s cool.

And then I check my email. This morning there’s a reply from his teacher:

I don’t have internet at home and I forgot to post them until this morning.  If he doesn’t do well today he can take it again on Friday. Thanks and sorry!

Cheezits Rice! There went my eyeballs again! BRB as soon as I find the suckers. If Aitch doesn’t find them first and get them stuck in the Ball Popper.

9 thoughts on “Hat Tricks -or- It Really Is All My Fault”

  1. Giggle… You really thought that we teachers would check our school email on a weekend. And you thought we’d actually have the list with us at home. That’s so cute!

    I’m willing to bet she does have Internet, but doesn’t check it on the weekends. I know I don’t. You never get a nice “we love you” email on the weekends and there’s nothing you can do about all the other stuff until Monday morning so what’s the point.

    1. If you were his teacher, I would definitely send you love notes on the weekend.

      His current teacher? Not so much.

      He missed one word so he’ll be retaking the test. Not his fault though. The word he missed was “than” which he wrote as “then”, but that was because his father wrote it down wrong. So technically, he got 100% on the words WE tested him on and we told him we were proud of him for that.

  2. Been there. Fortunately after finding the teacher didn’t post on the website I was able to call a classmate’s mom. To complete my decent into lunacy, I found that other schools follow the same textbooks so I GOOGLED the list for the story they were on, and viola! spelling list. Man, am I crafty.

    And I learned nearly every school follows the exact same Houghton-Mifflin series for Reading and Vocab.

    really, who doesn’t have Internet? is that a joke?

  3. I understand your anger and frustration – I get it, completely. We went through a similar situation with our daughter not bringing home her spelling words on Friday as well. Every fucking excuse under the sun – used to make nuts. Finally, I realized that this is a problem that will eventually fix itself. My guess is that dood would like the freedom of not having to do the spelling stuff daily and not to have to take the post test on Friday – eventually he’s going to get that the only way that can happen is to study over the weekend, which can only be done if he brings home the words. Once I resigned myself to that – I was much happier. She still passed the tests on Friday and it didn’t effect her grade – and it didn’t take long for her to realize she didn’t want to have to do all that so she brought home the words.

    I know that’s not your point – and again, I get it. But, pick your battles my friend.

    1. But a million nit-picky battles bring on more wrinkles and gray hair than does one major battle!! I’m going for the Silver Fox look and what better way?

      Also, my “battle” wasn’t really due to anything my son did. Yes, he should have remembered, but I was more annoyed with how difficult it was to just get the stupid list, especially from the teacher who DOESN’T HAVE INTERNET AT HOME!! That’s un-American!

  4. You know, I was going to comment on how this is probably a common problem, but I was distracted…WHO DOESN’T HAVE INTERNET AT THEIR HOUSE??? That’s like saying you don’t have electricity! Crazy.

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