But if you want to smoke crack, then hey, who am I to pass judgement?

I try to be open both in life and here on my blog. The anonymity of a blog made it easier to talk about dildo-shaped ultrasound wands and foreign masses growing on my butt because you don’t have to see the utter shame in my face. However, in real life, it’s easier to talk to my close friends about politics, religion and certain parenting choices because I chose to hang with friends who are generally of similar personalities.

For me, these two worlds rarely collide and intermingle. I do not share my rectal exam story with my IRL friends, nor do I discuss certain parenting preferences on my blog. When my friends share something deeply, DEEPLY personal (she shaves what where and with who wearing WTF??), I’m sorry, but I can’t ever look at her or her guest bathroom ever the same. As for discussing hot topics here, while I know most of you share very compatible views, there may be one or two that do not and despite me being mostly abrasive, I try at least to keep the readers I have even if no new ones are ever to be part of my future again.

Here’s just a handful of topics that I LOVE to talk about with my IRL friends and family that I wouldn’t dare try to cover here in a way that could be considered even remotely diplomatic:

  • Abortion
  • C-sections
  • Home Births
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pacifiers
  • Co-sleeping
  • Sleep Training (CIO)
  • Vaccinations

I would rather keep topics here fairly neutral rather than be oblivious to my on-line friends just for the sake of increasing traffic. Getting and keeping trolls for some bloggers seems to be like a badge of honor. They can keep on with their troll-trolling and incendiary statements. More power to them and all that jazz.

What topics, if any, do you refuse to discuss on your blog, if you have one? Or with your IRL friends?

12 thoughts on “But if you want to smoke crack, then hey, who am I to pass judgement?”

  1. See I’d like to know where you stand on these things! I am happy to get stuck in to most debates. There is a reason why I litigate for a living. I do back off from popular bloggers with views I disagree with as you are likely to be beaten to a pulp by the popular bloggers’ loyal/rabid fans. Alt med is another hot button topic here. Circumcision not so much as no one really does it except for religious reasons but I have seen craziness on the topic on US blogs.

  2. For teh past couple of years I don’t talk about ANYTHING on my blog. Before that, mostly just discussed the difficulties getting and staying pregnant, then the pregnancy. Didn’t give the address to any IRL friends.

  3. I don’t discuss my marriage on my blog other than the occasional comment about how wonderful my husband is. And he is. But he is a man and sometimes he is a clueless ass like all men tend to be at times. Thankfully it is rare but it happens (you should hear me rant about what he got me for Christmas this year – big jerk). I don’t go there on my blog. He has given my blog address to his co-workers and his family so they can all see how cute our kids are and many of them are fans of my blog now and check in. I don’t need my MIL or the guy who is in the next office knowing about personal marital details. Especially sex. Never sex.

    I don’t discuss my sex life with IRL friends either. No one needs to know that much about me. Otherwise, things aren’t necessarily taboo – there are just certain people I don’t discuss certain issues with. I am liberal when it comes to social issues. Many of my friends are not. I love a good, respectful debate. But some people can’t debate – they get ugly and nasty and personal so I just refuse to discuss topics with them.

  4. I have been a horrible blogger lately but I do try to steer away from certain topics also. I have seen some people who seem to try to be “scandalous” just to get more readers. I have never had that desire and would rather just talk about things that are important to me. Now, if I do go over a slightly more “controversial” subject it really is because it means something to me, even if it might bring out the trolls.

  5. Oh I WISH you would talk about those things, though!

    I don’t talk about sex (partly because my husband’s ex-wife reads the blog, and he would be mortified anyway).

    As for controversial topics, I don’t do them often, but when I do them, I am straight up.

  6. I have no brain-mouth barrier…

    So if it gets thunk in my noggin= it gets said… either on my blog or in person….

    I DO however make some attempts at filtering a bit on my blog- I don’t want trolls telling me I’m a crack-ho-beast and should never have been able to reproduce. I also like the very few readers I have and would like very much to keep them!!

  7. I don’t talk about my family…because my husband asked me not to. The only “topics” I cover are “Things that piss me off” and “Things that make me happy/laugh.” That first one can occasionally be controversial, but I don’t seem to attract either traffic or trolls. Works for me. I’m always happy to have a discussion of issues…unless I can tell that someone is completely close-minded about something.

  8. I think I am a little more PC in real life.
    Nah. I am really not. I used to be though.
    None of my IRL friends know about my blog. (with the exception of the bloggers that I have become friends with through my blog, but even then I don’t REALLY know them IRL because we are scattered all over the globe, but I love the shit out of these women).
    So, I guess the only thing I DON’T share with IRL friends is my secret life as a big mouthed blogger.

  9. Over my blogging years I’ve covered all those topics and then some. And the most heated of all offline and online is circumcisions. I love reading/hearing other peoples thoughts occasionally I’ll even change my stance.

    I don’t understand the concern about online trolls at worst you block them from commenting I’ve had them in the past and thought they were more sad than worrying. A made up name attacking another made up name about thoughts written in cyber ink yeah not so scary.

    Online and off, I talk about what ever is on my mind at that point in time, I think my friends are enough like me that we don’t get into snitzes about topics we discuss. Having said that though I only call people a friend if they really are iykwim.

  10. My blog is severely limited bcz too many IRL friends/family know OF it…
    & boy oh boy, has my ass been burned when I post something even mildly derogatory which someone misinterprets!
    But thanks, you just explained how I seem to drive away some of my friends IRL; I “overshare”. I’m not shy about expressing my opinion in strong terms on some things, so I guess that turns some people off.

  11. I love talking about sex. I don’t keep up my blog anymore but I wouldn’t post about it there because my crazy SIL read it. But I can’t really talk about IRL either because most of the people I know don’t like having it.

  12. I have wayyyy more opinions than what I post on my blog. I never had a troll and I’d like to keep it that way.

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