Your Photo Op

I need a diversion. Something to motivate me to do something – anything – other than sit in the glider-rocker with the laptop oozing godknowswhatkind of radioactivity into my groin. Speaking of which, the results of my PAP smear (smear? really? we haven’t come up with a better word than that??) were all negative. My cervix has always been so dependable. Good, cervix! *pat pat*

So this diversion really is going to come from you. Without sounding like I’m comment-whoring, which I swear I am not and if you would prefer not to fall into my evil plan, you may choose to email me instead, I would like to play around more with my camera so I would like your input. Tell me what persons, places or things you would like me to photograph and then I will post them here. Obviously, the limitations would be something or someone I would have access to: no requests for the Eiffel Tower or President Obama. Also, nothing considered X-rated. Keep the requests realistic and I will make the photos real.

Do you want to see a picture of my favorite pair of shoes or the inside of my sock drawer? Or a picture of the city office? Maybe a photo of the tops of my toes to confirm that yes, they are a bit hairy? If you have wanted to know what something I’ve talked about looks like (again, within what I would consider reasonable limitations), just let me know either in comments or an email: thismamasaid (at) gmail (dot) com.

I live to serve.