Your Photo Op

I need a diversion. Something to motivate me to do something – anything – other than sit in the glider-rocker with the laptop oozing godknowswhatkind of radioactivity into my groin. Speaking of which, the results of my PAP smear (smear? really? we haven’t come up with a better word than that??) were all negative. My cervix has always been so dependable. Good, cervix! *pat pat*

So this diversion really is going to come from you. Without sounding like I’m comment-whoring, which I swear I am not and if you would prefer not to fall into my evil plan, you may choose to email me instead, I would like to play around more with my camera so I would like your input. Tell me what persons, places or things you would like me to photograph and then I will post them here. Obviously, the limitations would be something or someone I would have access to: no requests for the Eiffel Tower or President Obama. Also, nothing considered X-rated. Keep the requests realistic and I will make the photos real.

Do you want to see a picture of my favorite pair of shoes or the inside of my sock drawer? Or a picture of the city office? Maybe a photo of the tops of my toes to confirm that yes, they are a bit hairy? If you have wanted to know what something I’ve talked about looks like (again, within what I would consider reasonable limitations), just let me know either in comments or an email: thismamasaid (at) gmail (dot) com.

I live to serve.

18 thoughts on “Your Photo Op”

  1. Sorry to be so late to this party, but I would love to see pictures of books — any books you read, or D, or H, or SP. Your library, in other words.

    P.S. I am in love with your cupboards.

  2. How did I miss this post?
    Anyway, I want a picture of something that makes you happy when you see it (kids are a given, so the next item that makes you happy), and in contrast something that makes you sad. And the reasons why.

  3. All of the above.
    Then, the things you see when you are driving into town. You know, the things you pass by that you never even pay attention to any more.

  4. How about kitchenware? Silverware drawer, plates, china, utensils, pots…whatever. Give some to Aitch and let her create an art installation!

  5. I want more pictures of the VIEW from your house. What you see when you’re washing dishes. Sitting on the couch, looking out the window. What your favorite view is, whatever time of day it is. I want a picture from your awesome front porch (okay, I’m fine with that happening in the spring/summertime) so I can imagine what it’d be like to visit you. 🙂


  6. right now I am trying really hard not to drool on myself…

    so I can’t think of anything wild or artistic or awesome I would like to see photographed…

    You know what I really like though- landscapes… I like pictures that show the barren but glistening whiteness of a snow covered wasteland… or sunset over golden wheat fields- maybe with a random clump of trees for interest… yeah… i like pictures of wide open spaces… and small ones too…. creeks in spring, where the ice has just begun to melt and water starting to flow… a neat rock in amongst other inane rocks…

    ok…. so i am now realizing what an epic nerd i am… time for some cough medicine and unconsciousness for me!!

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