Photo Ops: The Fridge(s)

What’s with the kitchen obsession, people?? Katrina asked to see the inside of my fridge (god, the humiliation!) while Michelle added to the fridge-peeping by also requesting a pantry (pantRy) shot. Of course, I was immediately self-conscious and considered running to the farmer’s market to set up props of fresh veggies and fruits, but then I remembered it’s the dead of winter and the only farmer’s market around here is the one in Hy-Vee.

So here’s the fridge. I know, ick, the fridge is black (which is OK if you like black appliances). I really wanted the stainless steel appearance (not actual stainless steel since 1] it is impossible to keep clean; and 2] it’s not magnetic), but Sparring Partner said No Way. He suggested white – actually he had the gall to suggest Beige. Beige! Blech!! So we compromised (I compromised).

I made the second picture bigger so you can make fun of me and my Ho-Ho and Bryer’s Ice Cream addiction and the fact that there is one lonely lemon in the fruit storage. A must have for my Dos Equis (which are kept in the garage fridge to maintain a more wholesome appearance within the family fridge).

When we designed the kitchen, we realized we didn’t need a fancy walk-in pantry. The odds would be we’d throw out more dry goods, losing money, so we went with an in-cabinet pantry. It works very well for us. Here’s how it looks when the cabinets are closed:

(You can see why I need a magnetic fridge, right??)

Quick note: if you ever have an opportunity to design your kitchen, I strongly urge you to go with drawers. We have two sets of drawers like the ones on the right of this photo and I wish we had more. LURVE the drawers.

We made sure to have quality pull-out shelves in the pantry, which when you have a toddler who looks at this as nothing more than a climbing wall, it’s a REALLY smart investment. Snacks are right in the middle. Candy is at the top, next to the open box of white rice that was moved when Aitch thought it would be fun to pour out on the floor.

I also thought I’d show you what we did for our toaster (on the right). I didn’t want the corner garage that so many kitchens have, so I had our kitchen dude design the cabinets so the doors looks like the open normally, but it actually lifts up and out-of-the-way like a real garage door. We then had a heavy-duty sliding shelf installed that is normally used for a TV. There’s plenty of room for the toaster, two loaves of bread (SP won’t eat my “enriched” bread), the butter, Nutella, peanut butter and a plate to put it all together.

And for anyone who has a fetish for fridges, be prepared to tingle. We actually have three. The one above, the one in the garage (which stores extra loaves of bread, soda, beer, milk, eggs and juice – the items we go through a lot of), and this mini fridge under the counter:

(I swear! The dust was attracted to the flash photography!)

I wanted something that we could use for entertaining, to store a couple of bottles of wine, beer, cold vodka and gin…the stuff I didn’t want guests reaching past my Ho-Hos for; the stuff I didn’t want them walking into the garage for. Instead, it is full of apple sauce, juice boxes and pouches, cold treats and Pepsi. So much for the glamorous life.

19 thoughts on “Photo Ops: The Fridge(s)”

  1. Love your kitchen, cabines and the toaster cubby? BRILLIANT!
    I want to remodel our kitchen and love the pantry. Ours has shelves and is huge, but difficult to organize, especially if someone other than me puts the food away.

  2. Better call on the black fridge. Can we discuss how often my stainless fridge gets wiped down? I’ll give you a guess between 0 and 1 times a month. Two small kids, do the math.

  3. Brilliant Ho-Ho tip. Absolutely brilliant. (Although I prefer the swiss rolls by leaps and bounds.)

    Love the pull out pantry – I would do that in a minute if I was designing a kitchen. And the pots/pans and the tupperware cabinets would have pull outs. Toaster area is super cool too.

    My frig is white but it should be black (ugh) because the counter tops are black granite (double ugh – can we say streaks?) and the white appliances stick out like a sore thumb. I am always amazed to see that most people don’t have as many condiments as I have. I have sauces and dressings and mustards and God only knows what taking up my entire door.

  4. Ok, that is NOT what your kitchen looked like in my dream last night. I do like your real kitchen better then the dream version. Yeah, creepy huh? I dreamt about your kitchen. Of course you and SP were in it as well, though the kids were strangely absent as were mine. Apparently I came to visit you, out of the blue to both of us, just showed up. Actually I woke up in my dream looking at your kitchen floor and then proceeded to view the whole kitchen. I guess I need to get a life beyond blog reading. 😉 Your cupboards were all a medium toned, heavy grained oak and you had a huge table same wood with huge carved legs on it.
    From the kitchen we moved to a huge walk in closet and I helped you fold and put away laundry. (I guess instead of just thinking about doing my own laundry last night I should have just done it then I wouldn’t have dreamed about yours. No unmentionables were involved)
    Ok, you can block me from reading your blog now that you know I had that dream. I swear though that is the first time I ever dreamed about you. 😉 I guess maybe it is time we actually meet in real life.

  5. ack!! black appliances make me sad :(… I went with brushed stainless- and aside from the lack of magnets, which I have made up for by having a cork-board which keeps all the miscellanea that would normally be plastered to my fridge- it is amazingly clean-looking, even with small dirty hands that have to walk right past to wash up in the downstairs bath and no matter how many times my screeches of dirty! hands! off!!!! the walls (beige) look far worse than my fridge. Also- the stainless cleaner I use contains mineral oil- which repels fingerprints… it’s an extra step when I wipe my fridge down, but oh, the beauty of stainless…

    also- what in the hell are ho-hos??

    and I luuuuurve the toaster cabinet…. if I ever have opportunity to build my dream home- I’m SOOOO stealing that idea.. I loathe having the toaster on the counter! I think I would like one for all the other small appliances too- like the blender and stuff… also- pull out-pantry shelves are the best. invention. ever… especially for the lower shelves… seriously? who wants to bend down all that way, and then STRETCH to the very back of the pantry to get stuff?? answer: not me!!

    Your kitchen is divine! I love mine- and I’m STILL jealous of how nice yours is!!

    1. Per Wiki: Ho Hos are cylindrical, frosted, cream-filled cakes that are made by the Hostess company and are distributed in the United States. These cream filled chocolate cakes have a pinwheel design.

      A staple in my life since I was a wee lass.

      We have the storage cabinet large enough to store a toaster oven (instead), but because the toaster has so many more accessories (the toast, butter, peanut butter, etc.) it just makes more sense to use it as a toaster garage/bread box.

      When the black appliances die, they WILL be replaced by stainless appearance.

  6. Is it so wrong of me to see what kind of refridgerator items we have in common?

    And would it be really pathetic of me to think of this as the Best Post Ever? (obvious living people excepted)

  7. We always kept our ho-hos in the fridge (although we got the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls), and I would eat the chocolate off, and then unroll the thing to get at the frosting! I’m glad to hear you have additional refrigerators, though, because I was all “Where’s the food?!?”

    Nice kitchen design…

  8. I love seeing a fridge that looks like mine on the inside, and isn’t full of prefect foods and isn’t all perfect and organic and well, looks like mine, lol.

  9. So where the hell were you when we were designing my kitchen? I wish I had thought about the toaster set up. Very cool.

    Also, I am having serious tile envy. Ours is a cold, dreary gray/white/dirt that was ohhh sooo popular in 1992. To rip it all up and replace it (almost 900 sq ft) would necessitate winning the lottery.

    In viewing the contents of your fridge, I would fit right in with your family 🙂

    1. LOVE our tile color and pattern. HATE the cleaning of the grout. I’m probably the only person who notices the difference in the color between the high traffic and low traffic areas. We’ll be so screwed when it’s time to replace it because the square foot involved, while not as big as yours, is significant. Some days I wish we had gone with cork.

      1. I can’t get our grout clean. Seriously…just this morning I called a tile guy to see if it is possible to remove old grout and regrout. He will get the voice mail and I bet he calls back laughing.

  10. I am drooling over those pull out shelves and the toaster “compartment.” Love it! If I ever get to have a custom house, I am SO stealing the toaster compartment idea.

    1. We keep the ho-hos in the fridge because it makes it easier to peel off the chocolate coating before eating the cakey part. Isn’t that how everyone eats ho-hos??

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