Photo Ops: Breakfast

Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

Left up to be provided by the two Old People of the family who want nothing more than to just stay in bed. Stupid plan, Mother Nature, stupid.

It doesn’t help that the Young People want nothing to do with sitting down for 15 minutes to eat when they’ve been sleeping for the past nine hours and feel they must play. with. everything. at. once. Who needs caffeine when they have a supernatural supply of it coursing through their blood?

So breakfast is a simple affair on school days. Toast or cereal. Maybe a quick egg with toast. Doodicus doesn’t eat well. One of his medication’s side effect is that it’s an appetite suppressor, so if we didn’t give a shit, he could go all day without eating. Breakfast can be a bit of a battle, except on the weekends. That’s when we do a big breakfast, but it’s usually later in the morning, at 8:00 or 8:30 instead of 6:30.

This is just a regular day: Doodicus is having cereal without milk on it (he doesn’t like it to get soggy) and then he drinks a glass of milk. Aitch is on this kick where she has to have at least two bowls of cereal – separated of course – and then some OJ. Sparring Partner’s breakfast is usually toast or an english muffin and the ever familiar glass of Carnation instant breakfast, a staple for his breakfast every morning ever he was 9 years old. We even have to have it when we go on vacations or overnight trips.

I only WISH I was kidding.

Me? I’m usually cupping my coffee like a lover and refereeing the bickering between any two of the other three people in the vicinity. Good thing they’re cute.

P.S. Ooops! Almost forgot to include that this request came from Betty. Sorry, my sweet.

10 thoughts on “Photo Ops: Breakfast”

  1. I’m usually at work by the time breakfast rolls around. S eats cereal, doesn’t mind soggy (I HATE soggy). Hubby rarely will eat anything for breakfast. Except for when we were on our cruise. he ate full breakfasts every morning, go figure. I eat sometimes, sometimes not. Depends on schedule.

  2. I can’t get over how good-looking Dood is! That is one handsome boy you have there. Aitch’s pj’s are adorable and I love her morning bed-head.

    Will has refused to eat anything for breakfast other than oatmeal. Peach-flavored. Instant. gag. Maggie likes her instant oatmeal too, but at least she will occasionally ask for the blueberry and banana flavor mixed together. She usually goes for cereal, but looooves her Pop-tarts. Me? I have coffee. I usually have a coffee-cake or something once I get to the office.

  3. I have a great anti-soggy cereal tip. I normally eat cereal dry, but sometimes if the mood strikes I will put some milk in a bowl then sprinkle in a teensie bit of cereal. When that little bit is gone, I will add a little more cereal…repeat over and over still stomach is full.

    (For years I thought I was weird because I gagged on soggy cereal…’s nice to know that while I AM weird, I have company).

  4. I only like dry cereal as well.

    Breakfast here is usually vanilla yogurt with granola and fruit for the girls, who eat standing in front of the TV watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I hurriedly eat peanut butter toast while hiding in the kitchen.

  5. Adorable children! How did you get them to stay in the same place that long?

    Breakfast at our house is usually a Power Bar (or, more accurately, ZonePerfect bar) or granola bar or PopTart for my girl. Then she goes to daycare and gets breakfast. The kid eats ALL DAY!

  6. Great pics of the kids! K hates her cereal soggy as well. Which means I don’t put a lot in the bowl and she just gets more when she’s done. I get this, she gets this… P not so much. Which leads to some argument between P and K.
    I eat after they eat breakfast. Then I can eat in peace and quiet.

  7. Breakfast habits can be so funny! I scarf down my cereal so it doesn’t get soggy yet my husband refuses milk in his bowl all together. Your kids are adorable, btw.

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