Photo Ops: The Closets

Sparring Partner and I would make trips once a year to see what was described as the Street of Dreams inThe Metro. Multi-million dollar homes all custom-built by different builders on one street would be opened to thousands of dirty, hot and stinky strange feet belonging to rubber-neckers, much like ourselves. Since we built, we haven’t been back as I would probably regret many of the decisions we made when we built our own home, not that I don’t have some already.

Closets. That’s what Heather requested a view of as well as the garage, but the garage section is going to require a separate post (you’re doing a happy dance now, aren’t you?). Oh, closets. The Street of Dreams had closets that you could…well, only DREAM of. Humongous walk-in closets. Some so large, that’s where they kept the washer and dryer. Some so large, they had their own center island and furniture. As large as my kids’ rooms. No, larger.

I would have loved to have gigantic closets but I know myself all too well. They would be a catchall for everything else I had no idea where to store. My husband and I agreed to keep both our own closets and the children’s closets realistic and efficient. They’re realistic all right in that there just is never enough storage. First off, we have Doodicus’s closet:

This is exactly how my son leaves it in the morning after getting dressed for school. He has that same ability to fuck up the hangers as my husband does. I apologize well in advance to my future daughter-in-law.

Aitch’s closet actually is on the other side of that wall and is the exact same size, but in a slightly different layout:

I feel I should defend myself by mentioning that all the clothes on the top pole are things she has outgrown and I have been saving for a garage sale. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to part with a lot of it…

Now for our closet. Be prepared to be underwhelmed:

This is how it looks standing on the bedroom looking in, and I swear I didn’t edit or pick up anything (which, DER!…).  I strongly recommend pocket doors whenever possible, but make sure you use quality fixtures or they’ll be a bitch to open and close.

This is the husband’s side and yes, there are a lot of t-shirts on the top row, organized (L-R) by colored t’s, white t’s and then polos and button ups. Long-sleeved shirts are kept on the bottom. I do the organizing, by the way, not Sparring Partner.

And now my side:

Uh, yeah. It is organized. In a way…long-sleeves on top (there’s a whole section of tanks that you can’t see), short-sleeves and rarely worn on the bottom. 50% of all my clothes need to be removed because I’m getting too big for them (I would rather say, “They are too small for me.” but that’s really denial.).

I don’t have a medicine cabinet or I’d sneak that in here with this, you snoops.