Thank you for coming in and saving us the cost of a stamp.

Photo Ops are going to have to take a break for a bit. I’m wholly uninspired. An hour ago I was on my stomach taking pictures of the flotsam made up of crumbs, noodles and I think what may have been a couple of gray hairs that was under my kitchen counter. You think I’m kidding? I guess you’ll have to just wait on those pins and needles to see, won’t you?

I had another interview earlier this week. Once again they professed their adoration for me as I was sitting there, promising me a second interview as well. I’m fucking adorable, I tell you! After I got in my car, my ego all stroked up and confident about the next step, I recalled the interview itself and of course worried some of my answers might not have been as strong as they should have. Like I should have answered that I don’t have kids when they asked me if I did. I should have said I was just diagnosed with malignant melanoma when they asked me if I was in good health. I should have said that my husband has excellent health insurance when they asked me if he did. I should have said that I have serious issue with God and we’re not on the best of terms when they asked if I had a problem with joining in their daily “prayer games” (my term, not theirs).

When I was reminded by my friends to make sure to send a thank-you card, I decided to go one step-further. I addressed a card to each of my interviewers with a personalized note in each and while Sparring Partner took care of lunch for Aitch, I drove into town and hand-delivered them personally. Aren’t I clever?!

I was thrilled when one of my interviewers happened to be at the front desk and she took them from me with a great smile and told me how they really enjoyed meeting me and that they really liked me (they really, really liked me!), but…

They just hired someone else.

26 thoughts on “Thank you for coming in and saving us the cost of a stamp.”

  1. Okay, I’ve been on hiring committees and every single one of those questions would be NOT ALLOWED. Not allowed under human rights legislation and just out of plain intelligence. I cannot imagine the response I’d get if I tried any one of those questions on an applicant and guess what… the questions wouldn’t even tell me who would actually be able to do a good job – which would seem to be most of the point, wouldn’t it????
    I don’t know that I would have bothered with this place but with a more reasonable, sane, NORMAL business, you might have wanted to ask why they went with someone else (who was extremely unlikely to be as fucking adorable, right?)

  2. I am totally thinking that if they actually asked those questions that they are some serious violation of privacy rights. Especially the kid question and if the person hired does not have kids. Sorry you didn’t get it but it kind of sounds like it wouldn’t have been a nice place to work. Oh and nice way of telling you that you didn’t get the job. I think they owe you a phone call and a letter at the very least to confirm not just someone standing around that happens to see you come in. You sure you weren’t interviewing with the WI DNR? 😉

  3. That totally sucks – I’m sorry. Their approach to interviewing sounds a little hinky – I’m thinking it might be for the best you didn’t end up working with them.

  4. Oh man. I am so sorry. And it’s good that they liked you. Don’t hate me for getting your hopes up, but if it doesn’t work out with the new person, you might still be a candidate…

  5. Prayer games? Like… pin the tail on Jesus? I wonder if it would have been a good fit. Well, at the very least it would have been great blog fodder.

    We all need to brainstorm and help you come up with your own business.

  6. “Daily Prayer Games” = they start off their day saying some prayers and making sure to include their clients. This was not at a church office. This was a financial advisor for a national chain.

  7. Ouch…that sucks 😦 Sorry this one seems to feel extra personal…especially after you totally rocked those shoes.

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