Photo Ops: Landscapes

I don’t have a fancy camera or $700 photoshopping program. I do edit many of my photos with cropping and occasionally some lighting fixes, but those are usually pictures taken inside of people or props. What I love is taking pictures of rural landscapes and flora because the lighting is almost always perfect and the colors are true. So this one is for PottyMouthMommy who also has a love of landscapes, and while you will see I’ve ‘shopped the heck out of a couple (like the first one), the rest are just luck:


(I was 8 mos pregnant in this shot)



13 thoughts on “Photo Ops: Landscapes”

  1. Okay, I have an expensive Nikon I shoot with… but have never edited my photo’s because well, lets face it, I’m too lazy to learn photoshop. What program do you use? Can you email me some pointers?!

  2. Oh. Em. Gee!!! I love them!!! I think my favorites are the last one and the one with fire… But really truly I love them all! You take stunning photos- I want to get HUGE prints of them and hang them all over my house!! Thank you for these!!!! 😀

    1. The fire was either along a road or a field, one of the many controlled burns that go on in the spring, but this one was huge as we were actually over a mile away.

      Cows are our neighbor’s. It’s his field as well. I crawled over his fence to take the cornsilk shot since we don’t grow corn on our property.

  3. My, what long legs you have! 😉

    These are fantastic landscape shots – I hope you have some framed for your walls.

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